Italian Karen Yells at Syrian Child Refugee from Africa for Cooking Cat on the Sidewalk

It’s kinda hard to believe that hatred for the color of the skin like this can still exist in whatever year it is.

I mean, has nobody told this bitch about George Floyd?

Free West Media:

At Campiglia Marittima station, a small coastal town in the province of Livorno in Italy, a migrant roasted a cat before the indignant eyes of passersby.

Susanna Ceccardi, an MEP from the Italian League party, was the first to denounce this monstrosity by broadcasting the video on social networks. “The shock of a lady, her desperate cries to try and stop a migrant busy roasting a poor kitten in front of everyone. How did we become this cruel?” she complained.

“Is this the new ‘way of life’ that we must follow? Is this the reception system for the Tuscany Region? […] PS: It’s an almost unreal scene because of its monstrosity, it’s hard to watch, but it’s important to know the truth,” said the MEP.

This is cultural imperialism at its worst.

Why is it wrong for this Syrian child refugee to eat cats?

If you don’t like his culture, why did you racists let him in your country in the first place?

Just to oppress him?

Was that your dastardly plan all along, to lure him there with welfare and a license to rape just so you can say mean words to him?

You vile racists really have no shame…

The migrant started a barbecue with four wooden planks. A woman immediately approached him to film this abomination: “I’m going to have you arrested, cats aren’t food,” she said.

And the migrant replied: “I have no money.” The woman’s cries drew the attention of everyone present who immediately alerted the police. “You have money, I see you have cigarettes. You have money for it,” countered the woman.

The migrant ignored her and continued his barbecue. “Shame on you, disgusting…” shouted the woman to the African who did not seem intimidated in the least. After checking the facts, the police took the man to the police station. A complaint for animal abuse and cruelty has been filed.

He probably also has a better smartphone than she does.

Most of these blacks generally spend $10-20,000, sometimes more, to get to Europe.

They do it because they know they can recover their investment from Whitey’s welfare.

It is quite common in the Ivory Coast and the south of Ghana to eat cats. Nobel laureate VS Naipaul describes how cats are killed and eaten in his book The Masque of Africa. Naipaul noted that “the best way of killing a cat or kitten” in the Ivory Coast, is to place the kitten in a sack. The sack is then placed in boiling water.

Killing and eating companion animals, stray or otherwise, is commonplace in Africa. In the north of Ghana dogs are called “red goat” meat.

This kind of thing is why different peoples live in different countries; they just can’t seem to agree on the little things.

Fun fact: if your country banned visitors from any country where cats and/or dogs are regularly eaten, the Honolaly Alyans of Japan would be the only nonwhites who could enter your country.

You can not hate blacks, or you can not hate kittens, but you can’t not hate both at the same time.