Italian Court Rules That Using “Jew” as an Insult Isn’t “Hate Speech”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2017

The Jewish “shut it down” machine is losing steam, rapidly.

At this point, all normal people are just like “quit your bitching, you hooked-nose little faggots.”

They pushed it too far, everyone is just annoyed and disgusted.

The Tower:

Two fans of the Italian soccer club S.S. Lazio were acquitted on charges of incitement and racial hatred after denigrating opposing fans by calling them “Jews,” Ynet reported Wednesday.

Security cameras at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome during a March 2013 game between Lazio and Calcio Catania caught the Lazio fans screaming the words “giallorosso ebreo,” Italian for “yellow-red Jew,” a reference to the jersey colors of Lazio’s arch-rival club Roma. It emerged during the trial that one of the defendants had posters and t-shirts in his apartment identifying with the far-right.

The judge ruled that insulting someone by referring to them as a Jewish Roma supporter, as the fans were implicitly doing, was not racist because of the “historic sports antagonism between the two urban teams.”

“This is merely sports ridicule,” the judge said, noting that Roma fans were not even in the stadium at the time.

The judge’s decision was criticized by Ruth Dureghello, the head of the Jewish community in Rome, who wrote on Monday that the ruling was “without doubt, an extremely dangerous precedent for justice in this country.” Dureghello warned that the ruling would lend legitimacy to using racist chants and actions in sports stadiums.

Italian Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando pledged to look into the ruling and “act accordingly if he deems necessary,” Ynet reported.

I hope a higher court comes down and overrules it.

That will just make people even more angry.

The Jews don’t understand when they are making people angry. That’s why they’re been kicked out of countries 109 times. They could have avoided that but just dialing things back, but they’re biologically incapable of dialing things back.

Wait until people figure out this Holocaust they talk about was completely made up and that these “death camps” were actually luxury resort facilities.