Italian Coalburner Kidnapped In Kenya While Feeding Future Invaders

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2018

In a healthier world, Silvia Romano would have been married off to one of her father’s trusted business associates in her teens, he would have kept her happy by keeping her pregnant or lactating until the first round of grandkids started showing up looking for hugs and cookies.

In this sick world of higher education, birth control and makework, she was given no outlet for her maternal instincts, which she promptly wasted on Africans.

This is very similar to women who think that their dogs or cats are their babies.

Unlike dogs or cats, however, pet Africans are likely to kidnap women and rape them to death.

The Local:

An armed gang abducted an Italian volunteer from a village in south-east Kenya, shooting and wounding five residents in the raid, police said on Wednesday.

“The attackers fired indiscriminately at residents” before kidnapping the 23-year-old, who worked as a volunteer at an orphanage, during the attack after dark on Tuesday evening at Chakama, a small village in the coastal Kilifi county, police said in a statement.

Three children were among those injured, with one, a 10-year-old boy, shot in the eye, according to police. The wounded have been taken to hospital and police have been “deployed to track down the criminals”.

Italy’s foreign ministry named the victim as Silvia Romano. According to the Italian press, she is originally from Milan.

Africa Milele Onlus, the small Italian charity for which Romano was volunteering, posted a statement on its website saying: “There are no words to comment on what is happening. Silvia, we are all with you.”

Indeed, they were all with her.

Ronald Kazungu, a Chakama resident who witnessed Romano’s abduction, said the gang had come to the village looking for “the foreigner”.

“There came six men who came asking for the foreigner. I told them she had gone [out]… They began arguing, saying they had seen her in the house. It was then that I showed them where she was, he said.

Another witness, James Alexander, said the gunmen had thrown an explosive device during the attack. “I found something on the floor. Suddenly it blew up and I saw someone in front of me with a gun,” he said.

“Immediately he started shooting so I had to run away. Coming back I saw them taking the lady down towards the riverside. They were asking her for money: ‘We need money, we are not going to hurt you’,” he said.

The kidnappers are believed to have escaped with their victim across the Galana river. The village is about 60 kilometres inland from the coastal town of Malindi, which is popular with Italian tourists and expatriates.

Police warned against speculation, rife in the local Kenyan press, that Al Shabaab militants from Somalia might be behind the abduction.

To some readers, it might seem like a pretty extreme plea for sexual attention for a woman to go all the way to Africa to get kidnapped and gang-raped by African Moslems.

However, you must keep in mind that Silvia Romano was extremely ugly.

The nose, the teeth…

This may have been the only option she had left.

We can at least hope that Silvia Romano died as she lived – surrounded by ravenous niggers.