ITALEAVE: Italy Now Most Anti-EU Country in Europe

Daily Stormer
October 19, 2018

Come on Salvini, I know you have it in you.

Get Italy out of the Jewropean Union.

The people are with you.

Italy leaving would essentially mean the end of this abomination meant to turn Europe into a shithole of 80ish IQ mongrels ruled over by foreskin-munching humanoid rats.


A Eurobarometer poll has found that Italy has become the most eurosceptic country within the European Union as only 44 percent of Italians would vote to remain in the bloc if a referendum were held.


Or even better – JUST GET OUT WITHOUT ONE!

BTW, does anyone else get really annoyed when he sees the word “eurosceptic”?

Saying that people who are against the EU are “eurosceptic” or “against Europe” is completely insane.

There is nothing more “eurosceptic” than the EU – it’s main purpose, that it was built to do in the first place, was to exterminate Europeans through mongrelization.

Merkel got an award from this guy’s foundation

There is literally nothing more pro-European than being against the (((European Union))).

The results of the survey were much different when Italians were asked about keeping the euro, with 65 percent saying they supported Italy continuing to use the currencyIl Giornale reports.

Eh… That doesn’t make a lot sense.

The euro does literally nothing except undermine the sovereignty of the countries that adopt it, which is a crucial step in the problems people hate the EU for.

Still, if Italy leaves the EU, then there’s a good chance the whole union will collapse, and the euro with it.

The Italians are much less positive on membership of the EU compared to the average across the political bloc in which 66 percent said they would favour remaining in the union.

That average is probably skewed a lot by eastern European countries, where people are still getting the benefits of being in the EU (going to work in the richer countries is basically the main thing), but still haven’t gotten to the (((downsides))) of joining.

Having your country filled with all sorts of monkeypeople is the kind of thing that makes you think about stuff you never thought about before

Italy is even less positive on the European Union than the United Kingdom, which is in the process of leaving the continental bloc.

So what’s the problem?

Populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini reacted to the data saying of the EU: “It is clear now to everyone that it needs to be re-founded.”

“I dream of a Europe that does few things and does them well. The next year’s European elections will be a historic occasion,” Salvini said.

The EU already does few things – Flood Europe with non-Europeans, teach little boys to cut their dicks off and pretend they’re girls and waste productive people’s money – and it’s very good at doing them.

Just bring the whole thing down already, we’ll see what’s what afterwards.

Ideally, European countries would have some kind of pact/alliance that the interests of Europeans as a whole – space colonization, extermination of all mud people, making better cartoons than the Japs, important stuff like that – but without any kind of supranational institution that affects sovereignty.

That would be very beneficial, but it can’t happen unless the Jewropean Union gets destroyed first.

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani took a more positive approach to the results saying: “The appreciation for membership of the Union and its benefits is growing in almost all of Europe. The single currency also appeals to the great majority of citizens.”

“We certainly can not rest on our laurels. In some member states, including ours, the percentage of those who think that membership is positive is still too low. We must redouble efforts to show that the Union can give truly effective answers to the main problems of Europeans, such as immigration, security and unemployment,” he added.


How can anyone just say the exact opposite of reality without any kind of hesitation like that?

This guy must be a Je… No wait, he used to be a journalist, so he’s used to lying more often than he breathes.

But despite all the lies, we’re going in a good direction.

And there’s no stopping it, no matter what the kikes and shabbos goys do about it.

Let’s hope Italy does us all a favor and takes the lead.