It Turns Out New Guineans Failed to Eat All of the Singing Dogs

The mainstream media is entirely focused on making everyone miserable, given that all of the studies show that the way this small body of “swing voters” vote is generally based on how they’re feeling emotionally on voting day. If they’re feeling okay, they’ll vote for the party that’s in power, and if they’re feeling “bummed out” or if they’re “not digging the scene,” they’ll vote for the opposite party.

This is to say: 45% of people who bother voting are going to vote Democrat, 45% of people who bother voting are going to vote Republican, every time. Then there is the 10% of people who go both ways. The total concept of our political system is about influencing this group of people.

That is to say: the entire direction of our society hinges on the mood of a few people without convictions who generally have no idea what is going on.

Democracy, YES!

The world is shocked that CNN published an article about the re-discovery of the lost singing dogs, given that it could potentially prevent someone from being miserable for 90 seconds while they read it.


This dog can sing … or at least it can yodel.

The New Guinea singing dog, an extremely rare breed, is best known for its unique barks and howls — it’s able to make harmonic sounds that have been compared to the calls of a humpback whale.

Only around 200 captive singing dogs live in conservation centers or zoos, the descendants of a few wild dogs captured in the 1970s. The animals are severely inbred due to a lack of new genes.

None had been seen in their natural habitat for half a century until 2016, when an expedition located and studied 15 wild dogs in the remote highlands of the western side of New Guinea, known as Papua, in Indonesia. A new expedition returned to the study site in 2018 to collect detailed biological samples to confirm whether these highland wild dogs truly are the predecessors of the singing dogs.

A comparison of DNA extracted from blood collected from three of the dogs suggested they have very similar genome sequences and are much more closely linked to each other than any other canine, according to research published on Monday in the journal PNAS.

While their genomes weren’t identical, the researchers believed the highland dogs are the wild and original New Guinea singing dog population, with the difference down to physical separation for several decades and inbreeding among the captive New Guinea singing dogs.

“They look most related to a population of conservation biology new guinea singing dogs that were descended from eight dogs brought to the United States many, many, many years ago,” said Elaine Ostrander, a distinguished investigator at the National Institutes of Health and senior author of the paper.

“The conservation dogs are super inbred; (it) started with eight dogs, and they’ve been bred to each other, bred to each other, and bred to each other for generations — so they’ve lost a lot of genetic diversity.”

The highland wild dogs had a 70% genetic overlap with the captive population, Ostrander said, with the difference likely containing some of the original diversity now missing in the inbred population — a breed largely created by people.

New Guinea is the world’s second largest island. The eastern half is Papua New Guinea, while the western half is part of Indonesia and is known as Papua. The dogs were first described after a specimen was found at an altitude of about 2,100 meters in Central Province, Papua New Guinea, in 1897, the study said.

Despite anecdotal reports and unconfirmed photographs in recent years, many feared the New Guinea highland wild dog had become extinct through loss of habitat and mixing with feral village dogs.

However, the dogs were rediscovered in 2016 near the Grasberg gold and copper mine in Papua, where measures to protect the ecosystem around the mine had inadvertently created a sanctuary in which the highland wild dogs could thrive. The expedition team was led by James McIntyre, a field researcher and founder of the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation.

The same team traveled to the remote, high-altitude region two years later and braved extreme weather and terrain in order to collect blood, hair, scat, tissue and saliva samples. The researchers also took the dogs’ measurements, weight, age and general health and body condition, and two animals received GPS collars in order to study their travel habits and territories.

According to the San Diego Zoo, the singing dog’s joints and spine are extremely flexible — it climbs and jump like a cat. The zoo said that sonograms had shown that this dog’s unique wail is similar to the song of the humpback whale.

The researchers ultimately hope that it will be possible to breed some of the highland wild dogs with the New Guinea singing dogs, perhaps through the use of sperm samples, to generate a true New Guinea singing dogs population.

The CNN article omits a couple of key facts about what is going on here: specifically, the reasons why these dogs went extinct.

The first one is so obvious that it’s hard to believe they didn’t include it. I couldn’t believe it, and I thought I must have missed it – which led to a very strange synchronicity when I ctrl+f’d “hunt” and got one result:

Imagine how rarely a person would be ctrl-f’ing “hunt” and that the one time you do it, it’s this bitch’s name.

The universe itself seeks order, I tell you. 

But yes, this disorderly bitch is forgetting to tell you that the Guineans ate this dog. I guess it’s considered rude to say, “these brown people nearly exterminated this dog for food.” Because you wouldn’t want people to think they’re savages, right?

All cultures are exactly the same as each other, right?

Some unique human cultures wear trousers, some wear kilts, and some put their dicks in gourds and tie them to their waists using a string. It’s vibrant.

Pathetic white men need guns because they’re so insecure about the size of their cocks. Guineans are so confident that they put their dicks in a gourd and they never invented guns, or the wheel.

(In actual fact, the globo-homo cultural industrial complex tends to forget to mention Guineans and their Australian cousins at all, ever, presumably because they visibly look like prehistoric bipedal apes.)

The other reason for the presumed extinction is much more interesting, however: they bred with domestic dogs.

So: the media is concerned about a dog race being bred out through dog race-mixing because they want to preserve the unique genetic heritage of a unique race of dog.

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Imagine it: pure hatred for the color of the fur.

Attempts to prevent the members of the females of the singing dog race from making the individual personal choice to race mix with other dog races is a form of violence, and these people need to be shut down.

I have already alerted Antifa, which is now planning a mostly peaceful protest against the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation for their role in perpetuating harmful stereotypes about the existence of dog races.

We also reported the leader of the extremist New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation and got him banned from Twitter, Facebook and Tinder, and had his bank account shut down. We currently have a journalist hunting his mother.

The New Guinea singing dogs have no “culture.” If their females want to breed with domestic dogs, that is their unique individual choice, and the world will be a better place when there are no more New Guinea singing dogs.

P.S – Full Disclosure

It’s obvious that Guineans are some sort of prehistoric simian creature. But there is more I want to say about these people. When I was a kid, some people in my family were involved in some kind of church thing with New Guinea, and some of them came over in some program to go to school or whatever.

These evangelical missionary programs are basically always a gigantic scam, where most of the money is embezzled. Basically, white people naturally feel good about helping others (which was the entire concept of colonialism, actually). So they want to give money to these groups that are saying they’re helping the savages in whatever shithole. The church will take in huge amounts of money, and then send some dickhead college kids who want to go on a weird adventure. Usually, the college kids (probably their parents) have to pay for their own plane tickets. The church then posts pictures of the kids in the shithole, handing out 99 cent Bibles that were printed in China, and doing some ostensibly helpful thing like digging a well. Actually, they’re lucky if they get a well dug. They’re more likely to build some crappy shack, and claim it’s a church. Meanwhile, the pastor is conspicuously living in a gigantic McMansion.

I am a Christian, and I know well that the modern evangelical churches are the singular most corrupt religious organizations that have ever existed. Obviously, there are exceptions. But this is generally true. Right-wingers will always go on about how they worship Jews – but riddle me this: how far gone does a Christian church have to be before it gets to the point where it is literally worshiping the people that Jesus Christ Himself identified as “the children of Satan” before they brutally tortured and murdered Him? Methinks they have to be a long way from God before they ever get to that point. (I’ve gone into how their first mistake was embracing feminism, which turned the whole thing into a sham where they were ostensibly preaching a system of saving virginity for marriage while also endorsing a system that de facto prevents girls from getting married until they’re 30.)

This whole modern “missionary” thing is dubious anyway. From what I’ve seen, they’re not doing anything to help anyone and they’re just going in and disrupting foreign cultures. They do not bring these people Jesus so much as they suck them into the international consumerist culture. It’s all a gigantic money scam, just like the evangelical racket of international adoption, which is a dark and bitter child trafficking pill (they literally buy the kids from their parents and resell them at a vastly inflated rate).

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So, some of these folks from New Guinea were brought over through a church and stayed with some of my family members, and I must say: they were some of the sweetest folks you could imagine. Aside from identifying them as prehistoric simian creatures (which is actually not an insult, it’s just a biological fact), I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are nothing like American blacks. All of these people were respectful, and just loved helping white people.

Also, to be frank: putting your dick in a gourd and tying it around your waist with a string is alpha as heck and I’ve considered doing it myself.

My point is: different cultures are not the problem, multiculturalism is the problem. We could all live in peace, separately.