It Truly is Something for a Leftist Meme to Make Me lol

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2018

I didn’t literally lol.

But I did sort of release a couple hard breaths.

This is definitely, above and beyond, the best leftist meme I have ever seen. And it isn’t really very funny.

Basically, the entire censorship agenda is based almost exclusively on the fact that leftists get blown the fuck out by not being funny. They are a completely humorless bunch on a humorless march toward some vague “progress” that they cannot explain, but which one can gather is some sort of transsexual Islamo-communist utopia.

It is so easy to mock them, and so easy to rile them, that they do not have any choice but to simply shut down any ability of the right to speak.

Because we know what we are doing. We have goals. And our self-confidence combined with the absurdity of the opposition gives us the ability to be very funny.

And humor is so much more powerful than arguments. That is just a weird fact of human nature, and yet another reason universal suffrage democracy must be abolished.

Because even though due to my own position, I benefit from the fact humor is a more motivating social factor than logic and reason, it is not at all ideal to have a society be determined by the funniest thing.

Or, I dunno – maybe it is.

I guess it’s something we have to consider.

It could be that a lulzocracy is the only way of dealing with the coming future.