Glorious Kek has Our Back on the Iceland Domain…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2017

We picked Iceland because in order for our domain to be grabbed, the Parliament has to issue a decree.

Unlike in Austria, where even when the ToS of says “you can use this domain for illegal purposes, we don’t even care,” they will steal it if some guy from the government is like “ooohhh – they is Nazis…!”

So far, the only domain that Iceland has ever shut down was a literal ISIS recruiting site, and that by Parliamentary decree. We think it is likely that we will be the second site to get such a decree, even though we are not an illegal site, and are pacifists.

But then, lo and behold, by the power of KEK: on the very day we made the transfer, Iceland’s government fell apart.

On the exact day. Within hours.

Similar to the way we just happened to go on Dreamhost at the exact afternoon that they were appearing before the DoJ. Only much better.

Iceland Review:

A parliamentary session scheduled for 10:30 am today to debate the budget has been cancelled, RÚV reports. The session was cancelled due to the disbanding of the government coalition last night. Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson had been scheduled to speak first in the meeting.

Speaker of Parliament Unnur Brá Konradsdóttir confirmed the cancellation in an interview with RÚV. “We need to give ourselves time to decide what the next steps will be,” she stated, referring to the disbanding of the government coalition. Unnur did not know when the parliament would next meet. A routine government meeting scheduled for today has also been postponed.

The reason that the government collapsed was because a pedophile was pardoned. A real sick fuck.


Björt Framtíð, one of the three government coalition parties in Iceland, announced early Friday Icelandic time that it has decided to leave the government, after allegations that the Prime Minister’s party had attempted a cover up involving the clearing of a sex offender’s criminal history.

Benedikt Sveinsson, the father of Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson, was accused of writing a letter recommending the clearing of convicted sex offender Hjalti Sigurjón Hauksson.

Hauksson was in 2004 sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment for serious and repeated sexual offences against his stepdaughter from when she was five and until she was seventeen.

Criminals convicted of serious offences in Iceland can apply to authorities to have their “honor restored”, effectively erasing their criminal records. Among the requirements to obtain the status is a letter of recommendation by a close friend or an associate.

Initially the Ministry of Justice, lead by Justice Minister and Benediktsson’s party member Sigríður Á. Andersen, refused to disclose who had written a recommendation for Hauksson.

But following a parliamentary committee ruling that the Ministry had gone beyond laws dictating freedom of information, the Ministry gave in and revealed that Sveinsson had written the letter.

Presumably, the reason that the pedophile was pardoned – the only conceivable reason I can even conceive of – is that he had information connecting the government to one of these high-level pedophile rings that they all appear to be involved in these days.

The dark Molech force that has stood against Kek, the frog of justice and truth, created a situation that has resulted in a situation wherein the Daily Stormer may be able to stay online in Iceland for quite a while.

Now tell me, honestly: what are the statistical chances of this happening?

Do you yet believe in the power of Meme Magic?

Do you believe now in the glory of Kek?

This is the deal:

We have power now, that we don’t even understand. The internet has given us the ability to focus our psychic energies together onto very specific goals. The memes are what directs the focus.

We can now do absolutely anything we want to do.

The only thing that can destroy us is the black pill. We must not take this black pill. We must continue to believe in ourselves, and continue to march forward.

As long as we believe that victory is inevitable, and keep operating under that core assumption, than victory is inevitable.

Keep your eye on the prize.

Hail Victory.