It is Totally and Completely Against the Rules to Call the Police on the Blacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2018

As we discussed yesterday with regards to the forcing of a black wrestler to follow the rules with regards to hair length in competitions, it is completely against the rules to hold blacks to the same standards as everyone else.

This is now called “racism,” though it is clearly distinguished from the “hatred for the color of the skin” racism (which does not actually exist) and the Daily Stormer type “blacks just leave us alone, please, please, please, all we want is to be left alone” racism.

This new third type of racism is taking a heavy toll on people who have not heard about it. As I have said, they need to make public service announcements about it, because it just isn’t right to fire people for doing something they don’t know they’re not supposed to do.

CBS News:

An Oregon hotel said it fired two of its employees for “mistreatment” of a black guest who was talking on his phone in the lobby when he was asked to leave a week ago. DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Portland tweeted Saturday they have “terminated the employment of the two men involved.”

They said the men’s actions “were inconsistent with our standards & values.” The hotel didn’t identify the employees.

Jermaine Massey accused the hotel of racially profiling him after a security guard called police to remove him from the lobby December 22. He was staying at the hotel, and his attorneys say they want a public explanation and intend to pursue legal action, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

The hotel posted an apology on Twitter, saying the employees involved had been placed on leave and an investigation would be done. A day later, it said two workers were fired.

The security guard told Massey that if he could not provide a room number, he would be asked to leave. The Washington state resident left with an officer, according to a police report. Massey posted a video on social media that shows part of the interaction with the guard.

General manager Paul Peralta said in a statement earlier this week that the hotel reached out to Massey to try to reach a resolution. Massey’s lawyers said the hotel should publicly answer why security approached and questioned Massey and explain how, as the guard said, Massey was a threat to security.

Obviously, basic pattern recognition played a role here, I’m sure.

No matter how many genius black scientists you put in movies, people are still going to be aware that blacks are much more likely to be criminals, and they tend to hang around places – “loitering,” we used to call it – often while engaged in various forms of criminal activity.

HOWEVER – if it had been a well-dressed black man, I’m sure there would not have been an issue. This person was wearing typical black attire, presumably behaving in the typical confrontational black way.

AND – if a white man was wearing the same attire and behaving in the same way – and also couldn’t remember his room number or show a key card – he also would have been asked to leave.

So, it is only “an issue of race” to the extent that black people have a specific pattern of behavior which makes them appear as though they are up to something. If the black had not been following that behavior pattern the results would have been different, and if a white person had been following that behavior pattern, the results would have been the same.

So, it is an issue of behavior, not “the color of the skin.”

But clearly, blacks are not on the whole going to change this pattern of behavior, so the rules themselves have to be changed to accommodate the blacks.




But there need to be clear rules, and they need to be made public.

Just how far are blacks allowed to go beyond what is considered normal without being treated the same as everyone else? We know that they are not allowed to commit murder, for instance. But beyond extreme situations like that, are there any social rules at all that blacks are required to follow?

We need PSAs on TV, we need literature – people cannot be expected to figure all of this out on their own. That just isn’t reasonable.