It is Important to Start Strength Training in Your Early 20s

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2019

No you won’t.

I keep telling you people: New Year’s resolutions are stupid. They never, ever work, unless they simply work because of a coincidence.

Every year, I dread being in the gym for the first two weeks of January, because there are all these fat people moping around and getting in my way. But basically, I just line it up so I’m set to take a week off the first week of January (I try to take a full week off every 5-7 weeks), and most of them are gone by the end of that week. Seventy-five percent are gone by the end of the second week. And if any of them make it past the end of the month, I don’t see them.

Zikri, bro, you need to work on your diet. 

This simply does not work. If you’re going to do something, don’t set a date for doing it, just do it.

Interestingly, in some new polling ahead of the New Year’s rush, many people were found to feel that they are too old to work out.

Study Finds:

Six in ten Americans said at the beginning of 2019 that this would be the year they finally get in shape, according to a recently survey.Yet two in five respondents now admit they feel “too old” to get back in the gym. In fact, the survey of 2,000 adults found that on average, the age when most in the survey felt too old to work out regularly was just 41 years old.

I guess it’s good there will be fewer old fat people in my gym next month.

But really, quitting working out at 41 is totally insane. If anything, you should be peaking in terms of strength and mass at that age. I’m 35, and I’ve gained (x) pounds in muscle in the last two years, and I wasn’t even trying to gain weight. My goal is to get to a certain solid weight by the time I’m 40, and then hold it until I’m 50.

This is an oldish pic. Next article I’ll get one up showing progress from the last bulk. 

At 50, you can start being “too old” to do things. I won’t quit going to the gym. But I will start giving myself some leeway.

That’s the plan at least. I might get to 50 and just keep on being the most fit natty guy in the gym.

But I guess if you’re in your 40s and you’ve never been to the gym, this can seem a bit daunting. And maybe it really is more trouble than it’s worth. I have no idea, actually.

What I will say is that although I am 100% against the use of steroids for body building purposes, I believe that Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is fine, and people should start taking it any time after 40. Definitely by the time you’re 50, you should be on it, because there is simply no reason not to be on it. There are no negative effects of supplementing testosterone as you age.

Everyone needs to start going to the gym in their early 20s. No matter what, you need to start doing that. And you need to get in a regular routine that you plan on doing for the rest of your life.

Every single aspect of your life will be better if you do this. You will feel better, you will have more energy, your mind will be sharper and you will have higher testosterone levels. You will have better self-confidence.

You do not need to be a bodybuilder. You just need to get in the gym and do basic strength training, a minimum of three times per week, for the rest of your life.

If you do that, and you keep a tight diet, you will never feel “too old” for anything at 41, I can promise you that.

If you’re already older, then you simply have more reason to get to the gym. You’re behind, and you need to catch up. Even if you are in your 40s, your life will get better once you are in the gym. You might have more challenges, but there is no reason you can’t do it.

No one ever regretted getting in shape, I can tell you that much. No one ever regretted not being fat.

So go now.

Don’t wait until New Year’s, because then you will just be surrounded by a bunch of other fat people in the gym, which will depress you.

And if you really are fat, you need to get smart about diet, first and foremost. A person can be thin and relatively healthy without going to the gym if they follow my diet rules.