It Begins: Twitch Bans PogChamp Emote, Saying It Will Create Violence

The post 1/6 crackdown has already begun.

Twitch has banned the PogChamp emote because it “encourages violence.”

Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, whose face the PogChamp emote is, made comments about the situation yesterday, which apparently Amazon (owner of Twitch) did not approve of.

And in America, no one is ever allowed to say anything Amazon doesn’t approve of.

This is apparently the offending tweet:

Gootecks questioned whether there would be a response from the people to the murder of Ashli Babbit, who was murdered in cold blood by some kind of Law Enforcement for no reason on Wednesday.

He later tweeted that the links are hard banned by Twitter, and then posted a manually recorded video of the shooting from Alex Jones’

That hasn’t been deleted from Twitter yet, for whatever reason.

I guess they’re going easy on deleting videos of the shooting, because they think literally covering up a cop murdering a white woman would look bad?

Who the hell knows.

But the crackdown is coming soon. It’s all going to get banned.

Remember our Tor address, folks.

Memorize it.

Or at least write it down on paper.