It Begins: Media Saying the Death Count is Much Higher Than the Official Hoax Numbers

I told you this was coming.

The CDC in mid-March told hospitals to report virtually all deaths as coronavirus deaths, even in the absence of a test. Now that we have tests, they’re testing corpses that have died of anything and finding coronavirus, because everyone in the hospital is infected.

Now, the media is moving to claim that the numbers are even higher than their hoax numbers, as they prepare to present some insane 6-figure number in the summer to explain why we’re still all locked in our houses.

ABC News:

The novel coronavirus has already claimed the lives of more than 58,000 Americans. But experts fear that number could be far higher at this point in the outbreak — perhaps by tens of thousands — once the pandemic subsides enough for officials to go back and make a true reckoning of the dead.

Experts are urging leaders to take measures right now to preserve data and medical specimens so that science has the chance to determine the precise number of people who succumbed during one of the most severe global pandemics in memory.

“Under-counting deaths in this particular epidemic is happening all over,” said Dr. Daniel Lopez-Acuna, an epidemiologist and former top World Health Organization (WHO) official, who spent 30 years at the organization. “It’s almost inevitable.”

Calculating the precise number of COVID-19 deaths is remarkably complicated for a number of reasons. But leading epidemiologists, pathologists, medical examiners, medical history professors and local, state, federal and global health officials told ABC News that more testing is the single most important factor in determining an accurate national death count.

The reality is that we have no way of stopping them from changing the number to whatever they want to change it to.

We have already seen that the Jewish social media companies are willing to censor people questioning the numbers. What we’ve seen with censorship is that it only goes in one direction, so in the next couple of weeks, there’s going to be even more severe censorship of anyone questioning the official report.

So, with this as with everything else in the near future, we are just going to have to take the government and the media at their word.

We can say “hey, I don’t believe you!”, but we won’t even be able to form a counter-narrative to what they are saying, because we aren’t going to be able to hear from dissenters.

I’m already banned from everything, and they’re probably not going to come to Nigeria to arrest me for flu-denialism, but I won’t be surprised if American ISPs start hard-blocking this website.

Neo-Nazi groups that support this hoax, support voting Democrat, support feminism, support everything the media says, are being set up by the Jews to be the only remaining voices of resistance, as they are able to operate freely on social media, make money using credit card processors, and run websites that don’t get shut down. Their official position is that everything the Jewish media says is true, as relates to current events, and so the only thing we should be talking about is World War Two.

In fact, the only thing we should be taking about is this lockdown, as society is being transformed, and we are entering into a world where we will have no ability to make even a single decision about the way we live our lives, and we will be 100% reliant on the state to feed and house us. We are effectively going to be cattle, which they can do with as they will.

These neo-Nazis are literally telling you to go along with the lockdown, to trust the government, and insulting anyone who dares question it. I have long been critical of neo-Nazis, but even I never could have imagined something like this – that they would be foaming at the mouth, demanding that all power be handed over without a fight to the Jewish-run government and banking system in the name of a flu hoax.

Neo-Nazis are fat, feminist, beta male slobs, of the exact sort that is scared of the flu because the media told them to be, but I do not believe they are incapable of looking at the basic data at this point. They are being told to push this, because all of the leaders are working for the feds. There is simply no other explanation as to why these people, who claim to hate the Jews, would be so aggressively enthusiastic about giving them unlimited power to control every aspect of our lives.

These people, along with some Charlie Kirk types, will create the illusion that there is some pushback against the system, as anyone who tries to speak out against the total takeover of every aspect of society by the government is systematically silenced using the same censorship mechanism that was invented in 2017 to silence yours truly.

We are entering into an actual science fiction nightmare world, where you’re banned from going to church and porno is a sacrament.

Tucker is going to be fired.

All “dissent” will be funneled into controlled outlets, and the media will be able to say literally whatever it wants.

The only thing we can really do at this point is hope and pray that the system collapses.