Israeli Terror Leader Chuck Schumer Threatens to Rename Building After Fanatical Traitor John McCain

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2019

Chuck Schumer: Don’t be deceived by his honest face.

The Israeli terrorist leader Chuck Schumer is once again threatening to name a building after the nefarious traitor John McCain.

Schumer, who is known by his official title “The Guardian of Israel,” has made this threat before, shortly after McCain was assassinated by a patriotic brain tumor last year.

His intent is to cause the people to live in a state of fear.

McCain was a collaborator with the Zionist Occupation Government and served as reigning champion of the “how many Jewish cocks can you fit in your mouth at once” contest that is held every hour in the seat of global Jewish power, Washington, DC.

By rewarding a devout goy servant of the Jewish ruling government, Schumer is sending a message that the only thing anyone will ever be judged by is how well they serve these alien overlords.

I don’t know who Russell is or why it is that someone else would take the name of his building. Unless he was just someone’s dog or something. Russell is usually a dog’s name, I’m pretty sure. Like, “come on Russell, let’s go to the park,” makes a lot more sense than “hey Russell, let me borrow your car.”


Dogs are loyal to their masters – just like John McCain was loyal to his.

Wait, that’s the wrong picture.


A man cannot serve two masters.