Israeli Terror Army’s Blog Post on Rock Throwing Confirms Jews Committed Terrorist Act Against American Delegation

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
January 4, 2015

In the Jewish mind a non-Jew throwing a rock is a terrorist where as a Jew throwing a rock is perfectly OK.

Straight from the Israeli terror Army’s own blog site is a post condemning rock throwing as a terrorist act that can kill people.  So if we use the Jews own logic on rock throwing, the Jews committed an act of terrorism against an American delegation after they threw rocks at their vehicles.

Some have said that the Jews actually removed this blog post after the rock throwing incident.  It looks as if they may have put it back up after seeing all the criticism they were receiving online.  But no matter which way you look at this, it just proves that the Jews are a bunch of hypocritical liars.  They deserve to be hated because of their own behavior.

Read below what the Jewish Israeli terror Army has to say about rock throwing.  It sounds pretty serious, so I’m assuming they’ll be rounding up these Jew terrorists any minute now.

Last Thursday, a woman was driving past the city of Ariel with her three young daughters in the car. At the same time, a group of Palestinians threw rocks at a truck coming in the other direction. The truck veered off its lane, and collided with the family’s car, causing moderate injuries to the mother and to the two older daughters. The youngest, a three-year-old child, was critically injured, and rushed to the nearest hospital. Doctors are working tirelessly to save her life.

Rock throwing is common in Judea and Samaria, and along with Molotov Cocktail and booby-trapped tire throwing, is a terror act that comes under the definition of ‘popular terror’. These incidents happen daily, and are easily ignored by the mainstream media, because they don’t seem that serious. But did you know that a simple rock can kill?

In 1999, the Tel Aviv District Court ruled that damage caused by rocks thrown at a vehicle is considered a hate crime, not a traffic accident. Rock throwing may seem harmless, but rocks can kill. If we ignore rock throwing, we potentially encourage even more severe hate crimes and higher-scale terror attacks.