Israeli River is Filled with Blood in Gross Satanic Demonstration

The Jews of Israel continue to engage in increasingly bizarre activities as they prepare for the coming of their messiah, who is known to Christians as the anti-Christ.

The latest weird action of these Jews was to flood a river with blood during their satanic holiday of Passover, where they celebrate murdering non-Jewish children in the name of their god, Satan. They are blaming this bizarre act on Palestinian Moslems.

The Sun:

A vile blood-filled river in Israel is prompting fears of an imminent “major environmental disaster”.

One horrified photographer described the reddened Nahal Alexander waterway as looking “like the Bible’s plague of blood in Egypt”.

Israeli’s media has for weeks been publishing pics of red, blood-filled water gushing into Alexander River – loved for its wildlife and beauty.

Blood, feathers and other animal body parts are pouring out of slaughterhouses “from one or more Palestinian slaughterhouses in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem”, reports the Times of Israel.

The Society for the Protection of Nature warned last month that “Israel’s lax laws have enabled the Alexander River – one of Israel’s most ecologically important – to turn into blood.

“Polluted runoff from slaughterhouses and other industries have polluted this river and turned it red in the middle of Passover.

“And it’s not the first time!”

With the blood pollution coinciding with the coronavirus crisis, the campaign group urged leaders to “realise how vital nature is to our mental wellbeing and act to make sure ecological plagues like this don’t happen again.”

It’s called upon the Environmental Protection Minister Ze’ev Elkin to deal with the issue.

The Alexander River runs the width of Israel, from the hills of the Nablus on the West Bank to the sea.

Tourist Israel says that “until ten years ago, the river was heavily polluted” before a major joint effort by the regional council and their Palestinian counterparts to transform it.

But, according to the Daily Star a local photographer, Amberto, said it now “looks like the plague of blood in Egypt.”

That was of course the purpose, and why it was done during Passover.

I do not know the details of the satanic rites of the Jewish people, but I do know that they do twisted, perverse reenactments of events from the Christian Bible and put a disgusting and satanic spin on them.

A river turning to blood was one of the ten plagues of Egypt in the Book of Exodus from the Christian Bible, which Jews mock.

The Jews continue to claim to be the people of the Old Testament, when in fact their historical connection to the Israelites of the Bible is tenuous at best, given that most of the people of the region at the time following Christ’s death became Christians. A small class of satanic priests, which Christ identified as the children of Satan, became the modern “Jews.” Their entire religion is based on a satanic mockery of Christianity and the Bible.

These satanic Jews are preparing their seat for the Antichrist as the world government forms around the coronavirus hoax. The Jewish plan is for their false messiah, who is the Antichrist, to rule this world government from his evil blood ritual temple in Jerusalem.