Israeli Prime Minister’s Son Encourages Jihadis to Attack Spain

Diversity Macht Frei
May 27, 2019

One of conspiracy theories about why Jews encourage Muslim immigration to the West (recently admitted to be true by “Holocaust revisionist” Jew David Cole) has been that it gives the Muslims another target to focus on; and thus makes Jews safer.

This mad conspiracy theory has now been proved accurate by Yair Netanyahu, son of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On Twitter, Yair has openly encouraged jihadis to attack Spain. He even helpfully prepared a map for them, showing them the location of what he called “occupied Arab Islamic lands”. These are Ceuta and Melilla, Spanish exclaves in north Africa, formally considered part of Spanish national territory,

You’re probably familiar with them from the African fence jump videos that circulate every so often, showing a horde of Africans penetrating the border defences then joyously celebrating the fact that they are are now what, legally, is European territory.

For what it’s worth, I think it would be a good idea for Spain to give up Ceuta and Melilla (which are claimed by Morocco and are surrounded by Moroccan territory). With the African population surging from 1 billion to 5 billion in the course of this century, these outposts are going to be indefensible absent a raw “mow-them-down” approach.

Yair Netanyahu goes on to compare Spain’s claim to Ceuta and Melilla with Israel’s claim to the West Bank.

It’s a bogus analogy, of course. Ceuta and Melilla have been continuously controlled and occupied by Spain for centuries, while Israel has acquired control of the West Bank only within the last few decades.

It’s worth recalling that the Netanyahus are Sefardi Jews, meaning they descend from the Jews who lived in Spain (Sefarad), collaborated with the Muslims during their 8th century invasion of that country, then worked with them happily for centuries afterwards, till the Reconquista occurred and both sets of Oriental invaders were kicked out.

The Jews have never forgiven Spain for its rejection of them. Yair’s grandfather, Benzion Netanyahu, wrote a book about the Spanish Inquisition which insinuated that Spaniards were evil racist goyim and proto-Nazis because they refused to accept the sincerity of the Jews’ conversion to Christianity. The fact that the Jews reverted to Judaism as soon as they were expelled in no way impugns the sincerity of their original “conversion”, according to Netanyahu. Their Christianity was sincere at first; it was just the evil racist goyim that put them off it later. Sure. Even Jew historian Norman Roth could scarcely conceal his disdain for Neyanyahu’s book and its ridiculous hypotheses: “the book not only lacks much important information but is marred with errors and is distorted by a view of Spanish ‘racism’ that is very far from my own”.

It seems the Netanyahus have some kind of bizarre vendetta against Spain. The grandfather writes a book vilifying Spain; the grandson encourages Muslims to attack it. The Jew never forgets; and neither should we.