Israeli PM Pledges to Help Bill Gates Change the Weather

I hope you’ve got a jacket!

With the Jews on board, we’re going to be seeing colder weather in no time.

Times of Israel:

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates agreed to establish a working group between the State of Israel and the Gates Foundation in the area of climate change innovation, following their meeting on Tuesday on the sidelines of the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow.

“Israel is known as the startup nation, and I think that it’s time we pivot and channel our national energy — which is the energy of the people, the brainpower — to fighting climate change,” Bennett told Gates during their meeting. “We’re going to take this as a national mission.”

Bennett said that Israel is cooperating with many of its neighbors on climate-related issues, particularly in the field of water scarcity.

Gates told the premier that “my big belief is that we can solve climate change if we accelerate innovation.”

“That’s really what Israel is known for, but not so much in the climate space,” Gates said. The key, he said, will be “understanding where are the brilliant people in Israel who are thinking about these new techniques.”

Actually, Israel is mostly known for slaughtering brown people and controlling the US government.

But I’m sure they can help with a weather hoax to enslave the goyim.

It’s just common sense for Israel to get on board with this, given that global warming is helping Moslem groups get stronger.