Israeli Officers Running the Opposition in the Ukraine

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

February 20, 2014

Shockingly, even after exposing the fact that Klitschko is a Jew, and having an American Jew admit on leaked phone conversations that they are running the opposition, some still fantasize about the marvelous “Nationalist Revolution” happening in the Ukraine.

Well, now we have another level of Jewish influence in this Arab-spring style Jewish takeover of the Slavic state, as PressTV reports that the Israeli military is directing much of the violence.

According to the report, an unnamed Israeli officer was leading a group of twenty influential militants, with four other former Israeli military officers playing a role in the protests over the past weeks.

Ukrainian media is reporting that an Israeli tycoon is funding the protests, while the Israeli Mossad is active in spurring and directing the violence against the Putin-backed government.

This comes after the sick and evil Jew bastard Bernard-Henri Lévy was cheered as a great hero by the crowds at Maidan after welcoming them into the EU.

Please, go ahead and post more comments about how it really is a wonderful and amazing nationalist revolution that we should all support, and then go gossip about me on the internet, saying I must be getting funding from Putin because I don’t support it.

I am also accepting apologies for your attacks against me.  I will consider no comment at all as a form of apology.  Also, in the future, maybe you should not be so quick to attack me.  I do my best, and write what I believe to be the truth.  Can I be expected to do more than this?  Surely, it does not mean that I will always be correct in my assessments, but this situation proves that I may be right, even when a bunch of people think I am not, and attack me claiming I have a secret agenda.