Israeli Lawmaker Says Jews Should Join European Patriotic Parties to Perform Kosher Cleansing from Within

Diversity Macht Frei
October 10, 2018

Last week there was great fanfare about the formation of a “Jews for AfD” group. Counterjewhadis seized on this disproof of the conspiracy theory that Jews were allying with Muslims against European existence.

“Just because we are Jewish, doesn’t mean we have to be pro-refugees and migration,” insists the JAfD co-initiator and now newly-elected Vice President Artur Abramovych, at a press conference Sunday.


But, as with most Jewish propaganda efforts, the story evaporates upon closer inspection.

First, there were only 19 of these “good Jews”. Most of them seem to have been born outside of Germany, in eastern Europe in fact, meaning they had escaped the usual conditioning.

Second, the Jewishness of these Jews is somewhat questionable. Although they ostentatiously wore kippahs at their press conference, some gained the impression that this was a first-time experience for them.

Third, the formation of this tiny group met with mass protests from other Jews, including almost every officially representative organisation in Germany and even the World Jewish Congress.

The AfD is not kosher – Human rights instead of right-wing humans

“We do not need to wait and see what JAfD is doing, because they already decided to be members of an anti-Semitic, racist, populist group,” President of the German Jewish Student Union Dalia Grinfeld said. “If Jews join the AfD in banning circumcision and kosher slaughter and denying the holocaust – it’s not a question of what they will do, but how much damage it will cause the vast majority of Jews in Germany.”


The World Jewish Congress has co-signed a joint declaration initiated by the Central Council of Jews in Germany condemning the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party as a “racist and anti-Semitic party” and a “threat to Jewish life in Germany.”

The declaration, entitled No Alternative for Jews, was released on the same day that a separate group called Jews for the AfD marked its official launch in Weisbaden.

“The AfD is not a party for Jews… the AfD is a party in which hatred of the Jews and the denial of the Shoah have a home,” the declaration reads. “The AfD is anti-democratic, inhumane and in many parts, right-wing extremist.”

Fourth, this small group of Jews immediately made it clear that they intended to advance a Jewish agenda and marginalise Counter-Semites within the party.

In a television interview, Israeli lawmaker Yehuda Glick declared his agreement with this agenda. He said the benefit of Jews joining anti-immigration protest parties like the AfD was that they would be able to attack anti-Semites from within and thus prevent the parties straying off in un-kosher directions.

Ever since that Jewish group, yesterday, joined the party, we heard some of the people in the party who spoke out against them, and here we had a chance to listen to these snakes that were hiding behind stones and here’s a chance to get rid of them. And anybody who would now take advantage of these Jewish groups, inside the, in the AfD party, here’s the time to find out who they are and to get rid of them and to clean the AfD party from all these negative figures who are taking advantage of the AfD party to express very illegitimate views.

There we have it then. The Jewish strategy is to infiltrate the emerging patriotic dissent parties and perform a kind of kosher cleansing from within. And these Far Lite parties will be happy to go along. They will dutifully perform the appropriate purges to meet the requirements of kosher certification, sacrificing part of their membership. And for what? Their support from Jews will be statistically negligible. And as before, Jewish journalists and Jewish organisations will continue to vilify them and even demand their abolition.

Why do Far Lite parties feel the need to lick the hand that smites them?