Israeli Justice Minister Benny Gantz Calls for Social Media Platforms to Defend Jews

In World War II, the world rallied to save the Jews from an Evil Mustache Man™ who was trying to gas them all in Fake Shower Room Gas Chambers™.

It is time for the world to once again rally in defense of God’s chosen ones as people attack them for no reason, falsely claiming that they are upset that they are killing babies.


Israeli Justice Minister Benny Gantz has called on the chiefs of big social media platforms to quickly remove content from their sites that incites violence or spreads disinformation.

A spokesman for Gantz said he told executives of Facebook and Tik Tok during a Zoom meeting Thursday that the current round of violence is being “intentionally stirred through social media by extremist elements” sworn to damage Israel.

Gantz called the current round of fighting, “a moment of social emergency, and we expect your assistance.”

The spokesman said the executives expressed their commitment to act quickly and effectively to prevent incitement on their networks.

As everyone knows, no one really cares about dead Palestinian babies. This is just a complete ruse. People who hate the Jews for literally no reason at all use the excuse of Jews murdering babies to attack them.

We know as a matter of fact from history that anti-Semitism exists in a vacuum. It has no connection whatsoever with the behavior of Jews. People hate the Jews for no reason, then use their behavior – such as slaughtering children – to justify their hatred.

It’s time to take a stand. It is time for Twitter and Facebook to really start banning everyone who posts pictures of dead and mutilated children. Those images of dead and mutilated children are being falsely used to stir up baseless hatred against Jews.

It has to stop.

There are literally millions of people who need to be banned, but let me just share a few accounts that are spreading outrageous hatred for the innocent Jews.

That is just a start, to clean up some of this hate, and protect the only people on earth that were chosen by God to rule the earth and enslave all other races.