Israeli Jews Receive Stolen Nazi Flag!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2016


This doesn’t belong to you, kike!

Give it back to the White Race!

It’s ours!


The son of a Jewish partisan Holocaust survivor donated this week a Nazi German flag to the State of Israel that his father found in the Buchenwald concentration camp on the day of its liberation, April 11, 1945.

The flag, which was hidden by the father, a French doctor named Robert Jacques Lederer, for 71 years. His son found it recently, fifteen years after his father’s death, and transferred it to Yad Vashem.

Lederer joined the American forces after liberation intending to check the medical conditions of the prisoners. At their arrival at Buchenwald, he found the flag and kept it in his house for his entire life.

His son decided to donate the flag to the State of Israel, so he contacted the Administrator General in the Ministry of Justice, who received the flag and transferred it to Yad Vashem. In addition, the son donated various documents belonging to his father from the time of the camp’s liberation.

Miri Keidar, who is responsible for the estates left to the state in the Administrator General, said that the son, who asked to remain anonymous, first contacted the Israeli embassy in France. “He explained that it was important to him to donate the flag to the State of Israel, and he didn’t ask for any financial consideration or set any conditions. He just asked that if the flag would be used, that his father’s name would be remembered,” she said.

The son said that he learned about his father having taken the flag 20 years ago: “My father joined the French resistance when the Germans invaded the country. He joined the American forces when they reached the country, and, as a doctor, he helped them at the liberation of concentration camps.”

His father would recount that the flag had been hanging at the camp: “He just took it down and took it with him. The State of Israel is the moral owner of this flag, so it was important to me to give it to her,” said the son.

We are the moral owners of that flag!


I don’t keep Jew flags at my house! If someone gave me one I would burn it and put the video on YouTube!