Israeli Jets Lead American Jets in Aggressive Flyover of Iran

Did people just think it was a coincidence that Joe Biden appointed an aggressive Zionist Jew as the head of his State Department?

How can anyone on earth continue to claim that US foreign policy is not controlled by Jews?

The US military is literally an arm of the IDF.


Two American B-52 bombers have performed a strategic fly-by, accompanied by Israeli fighter jets, in a show of force “pivotal in maintaining the security of Israeli and Middle Eastern skies,” according to the IDF.

Israeli F-15 fighter jets escorted US bombers during part of the trip through the country’s airspace, the Israel Defense Forces confirmed in a tweet on Sunday, releasing some rare photos and video of the drill.

On other parts of the route, the US strategic bombers were escorted by Saudi and Qatari aircraft, according to the US military’s Central Command, although no visuals of the escorts were made available.

According to flight-tracking data, the bombers flew out of Minot Air Base in North Dakota in a second such deployment under President Joe Biden. Such flights were also common in the last months of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Just like the IDF, the US military also did not mention Iran directly, but said the fly-over was performed to “deter aggression” and reassure allies of the US’ “commitment to security in the region.”

Amid perpetually high tensions in the region, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz openly spoke about Tel Aviv constantly updating its plans for a potential strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, and even showed a map of potential targets in a recent interview with Fox News, which the channel decided to blur.

They are telling you that Israel striking “Iranian nuclear facilities” would be some kind of one-off event.

In actual fact, it would be an event that triggered a series of events that would likely end up with the US military in a war with Russia and China.

Unlike Iraq or Syria (let alone Afghanistan), Iran is a country with a real military. Not only do they have more advanced weapons, they also have well established militia and intelligence networks across the Middle East.

Also unlike those other countries, they have a higher average intelligence and a real belief that they are being directed by God in their endeavors.

The reason that this war has been planned for 20 years and still hasn’t happened is that there are intelligence officials who tell the American bureaucracy: “look, I just want you to understand – this is going to be a real war. It’s not just going to be kids playing in a sandbox like the rest of their weird quests.”

The other big element is that China and Russia are both a lot more powerful than they were in the George W. Bush era, and they’re both saying “don’t do this.”

Just to be Clear

The media isn’t saying it, but the Biden People have made it clear that there will not be a return to Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. I think a lot of morons are still holding out for that, but they actually made it clear before the election that this would not be happening, if you were paying attention.

The Administration has settled on making Iran uphold every part of the deal before they will even enter into talks. This is impossible.

It’s the same thing that John Bolton did to prevent Korean reunification. Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson had negotiated the whole thing, they were basically ready to sign something, then John Bolton went out there and said he wanted to use “the Libya model.”

Then he went to the meeting they had in Vietnam and said that they would have to completely surrender all of their nukes before the US began negotiations.

The reason that Bolton did that is because he didn’t want peace – obviously.

That is why Joe Biden’s people are going out there and saying “do everything we want and then maybe we can talk about doing something you want.”

It’s just a huge, stupid spectacle.