Israeli Government Encouraged Nikki Haley to Run for President in 2024

Diversity Macht Frei
October 10, 2018

wrote before about the Israeli government app that directs Jewish social media interventions around the world. Officially an anti-BDS app, in practice it strays well outside of those bounds, “interfering” in the politics of other countries to advance a broader Jewish agenda.

In view of Nikki Haley’s resignation as US ambassador to the UN today, it’s worth bearing in mind that in July this app instructed its Jewish minions to “Like” a Facebook comment encouraging her to run for the US Presidency in 2024.

The comment read:

“Nikki Haley you are a true patriot! You do it with honor and integrity. You are what the people need in 2024! You are pure class.”

This comment appeared under an item on Haley’s Facebook page about a speech she gave to the Christians United For Israel conference.

Nimrata Randhawa is clearly Jerusalem’s candidate for the top job.

In Britain, Priti Patel seemed to be fulfilling an analogous role. Though she was ultimately forced to resign because of her secret dealings with Jews, she’ll probably be a contender in future.

A covert alliance between Punjab and Zion seems to be forming behind the scenes. Something to watch out for.