Israeli “Defense” Minister Announces Plan to Attack Lebanon, Hezbollah and Gaza

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2017

Israeli “Defense” Minister Avigdor Lieberman has made an announcement indirectly threatening the nation of Lebanon, Hezbollah and the Gaza Strip with war. He wants to “defend” Israel from inside another country’s borders!

Just for some context, the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) are recognized as a legitimate and independent entity by the US government. Lieberman (lie is even in his name) is accusing them of “conspiring” with Hezbollah with no evidence so that nobody complains when he starts bombing them for no reason.

If the Palestinians, Lebanese, Hezbollah and Syria respond to Israeli aggression in a united front, it will be the end of Israel as we know it.

Lieberman knows this, which means he must be counting on roping the US into whatever scheme he’s cooking up.

Middle East Monitor:

Israel’s Defence Minister has said that the next war waged on Israel’s northern front will not only be against Hezbollah in Lebanon, but also Syria, and hostilities will also include the Gaza Strip. Avigdor Lieberman made his comments in a speech to army officers at the Defence Ministry in Tel Aviv on Monday on the eve of the Yom Kippur holiday.

“The next war in the north will not only be the Lebanese front, but rather a united front made up of Syria and Lebanon,” Lieberman explained. “The Lebanese army has lost its independence and has become an integral part of Hezbollah.” He added that Israel will not have a war on a single front. “The next war will be fought on both fronts [north and south].” This, obviously, implies that Gaza will again be a target for an Israeli military offensive.

“We are trying our best to prevent the next war,” claimed the extreme right-wing minister, “but in this ‘new’ Middle East, it is no longer predicted that war is unlikely, like in the past.” Such predictions, he suggested, do not reflect the sensitive reality in the region; war may occur from one moment to the next, or overnight.

There are already signs that Israel is priming its neighbors for invasion. For example, the Jews and bought off bugmen at the Pentagon are offering $12 million of our taxpayer dollars for someone to sell out or kill two top Hezbollah commanders.

Trump’s White House on October 10th announced a plan to “strengthen” funding and support for “Lebanese institutions” against Hezbollah. In other words, the CIA and US government are busy bribing corrupt elements within the Lebanese military to throw the fight when an Israeli invasion happens.

But even with all the covert and overt stuff going on, Israel still can’t win a war against Hezbollah, much less a multi-front war against the Lebanese army, Syria, and Hamas!

Which brings us back to the original danger: dragging the US military to fight the war for them. Even then it is unwinnable. Russia and Iran will certainly get involved, the US will be routed and Israel will be reduced to a crater.

That’s when it gets dangerous. Israel and its representatives have vowed that if they ever get overrun in a war, they will simply start launching their nukes at random European cities so they can take us down with them. These are sick animals that need to be stopped.

There are still men in the world who are ready to fight back.

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