Israeli Bill Pushes Legislation that Downgrades Arabic as an Official Language

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2017

This bill proves that Jewish supremacist hate is alive and well in Israel!

Once again we see the hate filled Jewish supremacists in Israel suppressing the rights of minorities in their own country.


An Israeli Cabinet committee is pushing forward a bill that downgrades Arabic as an official language of the country.

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation voted Sunday to present the controversial “nation-state bill” that states “the right to realize self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.”

The bill has to pass several rounds of legislation in parliament for it to become law. Critics charge that, if passed, it could undermine Israel’s balance of being both a Jewish and democratic state by harming the rights of the country’s minorities. Currently, both Hebrew and Arabic are Israel’s national languages. The bill states that Hebrew would be the lone national and downgrades Arabic to “a special status in the state” whose “speakers have the right to language-accessible state services.”

This shows yet more hypocrisy by the Jews. The Jews infesting our nations put out billions of dollars worth of propaganda claiming that we are hate filled bigots if we simply desire to preserve our nations, borders, languages and cultures. Yet at the same time, they apply a completely different standard to Israel demanding that the world recognize them as a Jewish state.

If let’s say the United States Congress advanced a bill mandating that Spanish be limited in use, we would see all sorts of tears from the Jewish media.

What if a bill was drafted claiming that the right to self-determination in the United States was unique to the European people? They would claim racism, bigotry etc..

Notice that there is literal silence on this story from the Jewish media. There’s nobody crying about bigotry or hate. It is assumed that Jewish supremacy is OK for Israel. If they want to downgrade the language of a minority population, that’s fine because of Jewish privilege.

This stupid double standard needs to end. Once we remove Jews from our nations this will no longer be a problem. It is time that we look at a way to make this a reality.

DNA tests could be used to filter racial Jews from non-Jews. Once that’s done, we could easily begin banning these horrible creatures and enforce these bans with science and technology. All that we need from our people is the political will to do these things.