Israel to Blacks: Go Home or Go to Jail

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2015

Israel has told the Blacks to gtfo
Israel has told the Blacks to gtfo

It must be really incredible to live in a country where you can openly call for Blacks to be deported without being either thrown in prison by Jews or having your entire livelihood destroyed by Jews.

These Israeli Jews are truly blessed that they don’t have Jews ruling over them and forcing or manipulating them into doing things which harm their nation.


Israel is offering illegal immigrants $3,500 and a one-way ticket home as it begins to crack down on refugees, who face prison if they don’t take up the deal. Rights groups are appalled at the move, saying Israel should be doing more to protect them.

Israel says the tough move is necessary to send a message to migrants that making the journey is not worthwhile in the first place. As deterrents it has built a steel fence along the border with Egypt, houses migrants in a detention camp in the middle of a desert, and has stopped issuing work permits to deter would-be migrants

Israel was founded by refugees and continues to welcome Jews from around the world who wish to relocate there. During the 1990s over a million Jews from the former Soviet Union crossed the welcome mat.

Jews from Ethiopia have also looked to settle in Israel, however, they have not had an easy time of things in trying to start a new life.

On Tuesday, hundreds of Ethiopian Jews rallied peacefully against the discrimination and racism they claim they are experiencing. This followed a national outcry after a video emerged of an Israeli man of Ethiopian descent being beaten by police.

Approximately 135,500 Ethiopian Jews live in Israel, and more than a third of them – over 50,000 – were born there.

However, it would seem they are fortunate in comparison to their African neighbors who are not of the Jewish faith. Over the last six years, Israel has a dismal rate of accepting refugees from Eritrea. Despite the fact 300,000 asylum seekers from the country in the horn of Africa have been offered refugee status around the world, Israel has accepted only four people.

Aside from making it hard for potential refugees to get to Israel, the country is also giving those already there incentives to leave.

How ironic it is that the Jewish state is the only place in the world where Jew don’t force the people to accept invasive refugees.

I mean, is that irony, or is it some type of weird coincidence?

I’m sure it’s one or the other.