Israel Spies on America to Make the First Move Against the White Race

June 1, 2014

 Keeping good gojim as doing good, keep watchings good gojim.
Keeping good gojim as doing good, keep watchings good gojim.

The Israeli intelligence agencies spy on the United States so that Israel can make a “preemptive move” to thwart any US-brokered plan in the Middle East that the regime deems against its interests, an analyst says.

“They want to get the jump on any surprises that might be put their way by the United States whose assistance they totally rely on,” Bill Jones of the Executive Intelligence Review told Press TV on Saturday.

Jones made the remarks as Newsweek reports that Israeli spy services eavesdropped on phone calls between former US president Bill Clinton and late Syrian leader Hafez Assad during critical stages of Middle East talks in 1999. At the time, the US was brokering talks that would have led to a “peace agreement” between Israel and Syria.

The analyst added that Israel is probably targeting US officials today as Secretary of State John Kerry has been leading efforts to broker a deal between Israelis and Palestinians.

The spying certainly gives the Israelis an “advantage” in the talks, Jones said, because they can always make a “preemptive move” to undermine any agreement they are not pleased with.

US intelligence officials have recently expressed concerns about the scope of Israeli espionage against the United States.