Israel Says Pfizer Vaccine Doesn’t Work Against Delta Force

The Jews have been outsmarted by a force too powerful for them to comprehend – a Delta Force.

The Jews invented the coronavirus hoax and they also made the film Delta Force starring Chuck Norris through their Canon Films B-movie complex.

Also, Pfizer is a Jewish company by its roots and the current CEO is Jewish.

So you’d think they’d be able to handle this thing.


The Pfizer Inc. vaccine’s efficacy against mild forms of Covid-19 appeared to wane after a few weeks as the delta variant took hold in Israel, although it continued to protect against severe illness.

The vaccine developed with BioNTech SE protected 64% of receivers against the illness between June 6 and early July as the government lifted restrictions, down from 94% between May 2 and June 5, the Ynet news website reported, citing Health Ministry numbers.

More importantly, those who were vaccinated remained far less likely to be hospitalized, with protection dropping only slightly to 93% from 98% in the period. The efficacy against serious illness was similar, according to the report.

The delta variant, which first emerged in India, is sparking concern as it spreads around the globe, providing a real-life test for vaccines and dashing hopes of recovery in air travel.

I thought you’re not allowed to say it emerged in India?

What is the point of changing the name from “Indian variant” to “delta variant” if you’re just going to say “the delta variant, which first emerged in India”?

Who knows. I’ll never understand these Jews.

But yeah seriously though – I’m exhausted by “predicting” all of this. I’m not actually “predicting” anything, I’m just drawing the logical conclusions from obvious facts.

I just ran the math.

It was always obvious that they were going to go through this whole long hoax with the carrot of the vaxx dangling as the finality of the hoax, and then come back out and say “oh – whoops! We have to start over again completely because of a new variant! Hahaha! Sorry!”

In the fall, the world is going back to March of 2020. It will be that the vaccines do not work at all, and the only solution is a full lockdown.

At the same time they say the vaccines don’t work at all, they will also say that it is the fault of the anti-vaxxers that the vaccines don’t work – because they refused to get the vaccine that doesn’t work.

Lookie here:

If you just click around for “unvaccinated creating variants,” you’ll find all kinds of mainstream outlets other than CNN and the Daily Beast seeding this narrative, which will go big time in the fall.

They wait for the fall because that is when people naturally start getting the flu and the cold, which is all the coronavirus actually is. It’s a rebranding of respiratory infections that have always existed (then the death toll is mixed with those of cancers, heart attacks, and now, reactions to the vaccine).

As a hilarious piece of Jewish genius, it is also likely that people are going to start dying in some significant numbers from the vaccines themselves over the next few months, and they will claim all of those deaths are from the “new variant.”

I don’t know if the United States will go full lockdown again or not, but they will bring back masks and shut down a bunch of businesses.

This coronavirus hoax will only end when they are able to fully implement the global warming hoax to replace it with. And the global warming hoax – by sheer coincidence – has all of the same solutions as the coronavirus hoax.

They might even say “face masks stop global warming because they prevent you from breathing as hard, and therefore you’re expelling less carbon dioxide.”

It’s all got me feeling pretty shroomy, to be honest.