Israel Says It was OK to Kill Palestinian Protester with No Legs

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2017

The other day, Israeli military forces shot dead a Palestinian protester who had no legs. Israel has now declared that shooting and killing this protester was the proper thing to do.


An investigation by the Israeli military into the death of a paraplegic Palestinian man cleared Israeli troops of wrongdoing on Monday, saying it found “no moral or professional failures” in the incident.

Palestinian health officials say Ibrahim Abu Thraya, 29, was shot in the head while demonstrating last week along Gaza’s border with Israel, an area that has experienced repeated unrest since President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital this month.

Abu Thraya’s death has become a rallying cry among Palestinians against Trump’s move, which upended decades of U.S. foreign policy and countered an international consensus that the fate of Jerusalem should be determined in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The military said Friday’s protest was “extremely violent,” with protesters hurling stones, burning tires and explosive devices at troops. In its findings Monday, it said no live fire was aimed at Abu Thraya and it was impossible to determine the cause of death. The military said it has repeatedly requested details about Abu Thraya’s injuries and will examine them if they are received. The military did not disclose from whom it had requested details.

Israel rarely finds their military personnel at fault for anything. Even shooting a man with no legs is considered proper by the Jews.

Shooting this man was not smart from a public relations standpoint though. They’ve turned this man into a martyr. He will be a source of inspiration for other Palestinians to stand up against them.

One thing is for sure, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not calming down anytime soon. Donald Trump’s Jerusalem declaration has poked a hornet’s nest and there’s no turning back from it.

Mike Pence is also scheduled to visit Israel soon. The Palestinians are preparing for a day of rage to coincide with the visit.

Let’s hope things get increasingly more chaotic. The only way this situation is ever going to be settled is through a war. The Arabs have the numbers in spades. They could easily take back Jerusalem if they got their act together. Allah can’t be pleased with these very gay and very ineffective street protests.