Israel Says It Hasn’t Launched a Ground Invasion of Gaza as Anti-Semites Attack!

Remember when Israel “gave” Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005?

It was a really perverse thing, because it was stolen land that they “gave” back. The Jews withdrew their settlers and acted like this was this big grand gesture of peace.

Since 2005, they’ve had ongoing wars with the territory, and it now seems that they “gave” them this land because they knew Palestinians would launch harmless rockets from it, which provides a pretext for slaughter.


The Israeli army has clarified that it has not launched a ground invasion of Gaza, after inadvertently giving the impression that it had. The IDF has been bombing Gaza after Hamas launched a barrage of rockets at Israeli cities.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) clarified to AFP that its troops have not crossed into the Gaza Strip, blaming an “internal communication” error for the confusion. The Israeli army initially told the media that its soldiers were in the Palestinian enclave, but two hours later it sent a new statement saying there were “no soldiers” in Gaza, according to AFP.

Israeli media also reported that the IDF had denied launching a ground invasion of Gaza after originally giving the impression that it had done so. “There are currently no troops in the Gaza Strip,” an IDF spokesperson was quoted as saying.

The IDF said both air and ground forces had been used to strike multiple targets in Gaza that were linked to the Palestinian militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which have been firing rockets at Israeli cities. Some “160 aircraft, tanks, artillery and infantry units” were amassed along the Gazan border to participate in the operation against Hamas, the army said.

Around 2,000 rockets have been launched from Gaza into southern and central Israel since Monday, the IDF said. Some of them were intercepted and destroyed mid-air by the Iron Dome air defense missile system, but others fell on residential areas, killing seven civilians and forcing many more to hide in bomb shelters. The Times of Israel, meanwhile, said the Israeli death toll has grown to nine, including a 50-year-old woman who died after being seriously injured while rushing to a shelter.

I don’t know why Hamas bothers firing these rockets, since it is obviously so beneficial to Israel. I guess the answer they would probably give is: “we don’t have any choice” and then say something about honor and Allah and so on.

We do wonder how it is that they always start firing the rockets as soon as Bibi Netanyahu has political trouble, however.

Israel has caused an extreme amount of destruction over the last few days, leveling high rise buildings and killing hundreds, a large percentage of which are children. There are also as always a lot of kids with limbs blown off.

I’m not going to post the pictures, but they can’t delete them fast enough on Twitter if you’re interested in seeing dead and mutilated children.

Anti-Semites Strike!

Evil anti-Semites are taking advantage of the fact that Israel is slaughtering children to push their evil agenda against Jews.

Even the United Nations has gone full Hitler, demanding the Jews stop killing these children and leveling all these buildings.

The United Nations has been begging Israel to stop the slaughter for 70 years. They’re not likely to start listening now.

Of course, the UN doesn’t really care about killed children, they just hate Jews for no reason and use child-killing as an excuse to attack them. It’s classic anti-Semitism.

Guterres is nearly as evil as Swedish pop star Zara Larsson, a maniac trying to kill all Jews.

She deleted her posts – but we’ve got them saved.

This is exactly like Adolf Hitler.

Many Swedes are calling this bitch out on her mindless hatred for the Jewish race (which is totally innocent).


What an evil bitch.

Roger Waters is also very evil.

In “Another Brick in the Wall: Part II,” Waters sang “we don’t need no education.”

Well, it looks like Roger Waters needs to get an education on the pure innocence of the Jews and stop being such an anti-Semitic Hitlerist.

In all of history, no Jew ever did a single thing wrong.

Except for Harvey Weinstein when he raped all of those innocent princesses. However, Harvey only did that because he is a white male element of the patriarchy.