Israel: Prominent Anti-Vaxer Dead After Being Poisoned by Jew Cops!

Hai Shaulian

I believe this Jew was assassinated by the Jews.

He was a prominent anti-vaxer, and then all of a sudden he’s dead “from covid-19” after saying he was going to be assassinated?

It’s just obvious.


A prominent Israeli vaccine skeptic, who earlier accused the Jerusalem police of trying to poison him, telling his followers that “if anything happens” to him they should assume he was “assassinated,” has died of Covid-19.

Hai Shaulian, an anti-vaxxer with a significant social media following and an organizer of protests against facemasks and vaccination, died at the age of 57 on Monday morning from complications linked to Covid-19, according to the Jerusalem Post and other local outlets.

In a video he published on social media from his hospital bed several days before his passing, Shaulian claimed he had been mistreated by the police after his arrest in early September. The activist was detained at a protest against the Green Pass system – which limits access to venues and events for unvaccinated Israelis – in Jerusalem and brought before the judge the next day. Shortly after that, he started feeling unwell and was placed in Edith Wolfson Medical Center in Holon where his tests returned positive for Covid-19. Shaulian was, obviously, not vaccinated against the virus.

In the clip, he said that after his arrest, an officer put his leg on his neck and went as far as suggesting that “the Jerusalem police tried to poison” him because of his campaigning.

“I have never felt this way in my life,” he told his followers. “I fought this for the entire week as if nothing had happened, but today I could no longer breathe and went to my healthcare provider and from there I was taken to Wolfson Hospital.”

“If anything happens to me — you know it’s an attempt to assassinate me.”

Shaulian’s condition kept deteriorating in the following days. His last post on Saturday was text only as he was already “unable to talk and respond to people.”

The activist held his ground until the end, writing that “the Green Pass will not be accepted in Israel. It has nothing to do with the coronavirus. It has nothing to do with vaccines. It has to do with coercion.” However, he didn’t repeat his poisoning claims in that message.

News of Shaulian’s death saddened and angered his followers on social media, many of whom supported the assassination theory, blaming the police and even Israel’s Shin Bet secret service of the “crime.” Others went as far as to suggest that the activist died because he wasn’t provided with proper care at the hospital due to his views.

There was no official reaction from the Jerusalem police to the accusations of poisoning.

The vax is very important to these Jews.

People are saying “why would the Jews vax themselves???” and it’s like, “well, did you think that Satan’s own children would not receive the Mark of the Beast???”

Of course there are some Jews that resist it. But this guy was literally in police custody. How easy would it have been to poison him?

Jews poison all kinds of people in foreign countries for resisting their agenda. Of course they’re going to poison someone resisting their agenda in their own country.

And how perfect is it for the Jew media – “prominent anti-vaxer dead of covid-19”?

We don’t even have a single other case of an anti-vaxer anywhere in the world dying of the alleged virus. But we get one in Israel, who had just been in the custody of the Jew Police, and said the Jews poisoned him?

I do not believe this for a second.