Israel: People Protest Against Renewed Restrictions, Call Fake Pandemic a “Con”

Who would have expected that in the end, the Jews would end up getting Jewed?

Israel is nigh totally vaxxed, and yet they are supposedly facing “rising hospitalizations.” This of course suggests that the vaccine doesn’t actually work. However, Israel is doubling down, and calling for people to get even more vaccines.

The Guardian:

Several hundred Israelis have demonstrated in Tel Aviv against new coronavirus restrictions and vaccination as positive cases and hospitalisations rise to levels not seen in months.

Israel has in recent days rolled out a booster vaccine shot for older citizens, reimposed mask requirements indoors and restored “green pass” restrictions requiring vaccine certificates for entering enclosed spaces such as gyms, restaurants and hotels.

The rise in infections is a step back after Israel’s world-leading vaccine campaign drove down new Covid-19 cases from 10,000 a day to fewer than 100.

Protesters on Saturday flew a banner that read “There’s no pandemic, it’s a con”. They held up placards denouncing coronavirus vaccines, with one poster linking vaccines to the Nazis.

Nearly 60% of Israel’s 9.3 million people have gotten two shots, mostly with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

But about a million Israelis still refuse to be vaccinated, even though they are eligible.

The question as to why Jews are vaxxing themselves is one that I simply do not have an answer for.

No one could explain why they were going so hardcore in the first place. Some people tried to say Israel was having a placebo distributed, but there actually isn’t any evidence for that after all this time.

Top Jews cannot possibly believe that the coronavirus is really Spanish Flu 2.0, yet they are forcing this moronic hoax on their population, and injecting them with the deadly Jewish Pfizer vaccine.

I support Israelis resisting this as much as I support anyone resisting it, in principle.

But it IS kinda funny to think about Jews wiping themselves out with their own vaxx.