Israel: Neo-Nazi Government Set to Deport Hundreds of Syrian Child Refugees Back to the Congo

Daily Stormer
October 10, 2018

These are Jews protesting against deportation of Africans. Good to see the snake scratched its own tongue, but keep in mind – it’s just a scratch.

I hate to be the billionth person to remark on Jewish hypocrisy, but can you imagine how their worthless kind would’ve acted if this happened in a White country?

No, wait, you don’t have to imagine anything, you can just watch it on YouTube.


Hundreds of migrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo are set to be deported from Israel as the government has scrapped the special status they are afforded in the country.

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority announced in a notice on its website that Interior Minister, Arye Dery, has decided to revoke the migrants’ general temporary protection status after the Foreign Ministry determined that there was no reason not to send them back to their home country.

Notice how they’re just “hundreds” – a drop in the bucket compared to the tens of millions Jews have been flooding Europe and North America with.

What’s the reason we can’t deport those, huh?

Oh right – because you kike rats subverted our governments, media, educational and judicial systems.

The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, an Israeli organization dedicated to refugees’ rights, described the decision as “another failure”, Haaretz reports. It added that the agency has been dragging out the process of evaluating the asylum requests of more than 200 Congolese nationals “and now it is demanding that they return to a dangerous country where the situation has still not stabilized.”

What nigger country on this planet ever “stabilizes”?

They’re all warzones to some extent or another.

Also, I’m wondering if maybe we should start fundraising for any Israeli organization that wants to bring any brown people over there.

Could be a viable 88D chess strategy to consider.

Last week Human Rights Watch said that there has been a series of massacres in eastern DR Congo in the past four years and at least 235 people have been killed so far in 2018.


Looks like all the more hard-working niggers were taken as slaves to America, since they commit more murders than that in Baltimore alone on any given year.

Many were hacked to death with axes or machetes or shot dead. More than 165 civilians have been kidnapped for ransom or abducted, and dozens of others have been wounded or disappeared this year,” the NGO said.

Sounds like standard niggerdom to me.

But why aren’t more Jews demanding to be enriched like this???

Why would they give us hateful nazis the blessings of diversity, but not take any for themselves???

Maybe they’re just humble by nature.

 It added that the attacks were hampering efforts to combat an Ebola outbreak which has killed more than 70 people since August.

Good to know Ebola-Chan is still trying her hardest, although I’m kinda disappointed in these low numbers she’s been getting recently…

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