Israel: Man Released from Prison After Stabbing-Up Gay Pride Parade Immediately Stabs-Up Gay Pride Parade

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2015

Stabby-stabby stab-stab!
Stabby-stabby stab-stab!

Gay pride should only be for the goyim.


An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man lunged into a group of revellers at Jerusalem’s annual gay pride parade and stabbed six people Thursday evening as they marched in the holy city, Israeli police and witnesses said.

The man had recently been released from prison after serving a sentence for stabbing several people at a gay pride parade in 2005, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said.

Samri said the attacker, Yishai Schlissel, was arrested. Eli Bin of Israel’s emergency service said six young people were wounded in the attack, two of them seriously.

Witnesses told Channel 2 TV that an Ultra-Orthodox man rushed the marchers and stabbed multiple people before Israeli police jumped on him and arrested him.

Yishai Avior told the station that he heard screaming and saw three people on the ground bleeding.

“People ran in every direction to take cover. Where I was standing there were three people on the ground bleeding. There was immense panic and shock,” he said.

Thursday’s attacker carried out a similar attack that wounded several people at a gay pride parade in Jerusalem a decade ago. Media reported he hid in a nearby supermarket and jumped out to attack the march when it passed.

Man, this guy really likes stabbing fags.

Someone even got a picture of him reaching for the knife
Someone even got a picture of him reaching for the knife

It could be a sitcom – “The Stabby-Stabby Jew.”

After ten years in prison for stabbing fags, Jew is released. Wife meets him at prison release.

Wife: Oy vey, Yishai! You’re finally out after ten years! Where would you like to go to celebrate???

Yishai: Shut your mouth and listen to me, woman: drive me immediately to the nearest gay pride parade.

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