Israel: Jews Present Internet Censorship as Solution to Their Goyim Problem

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2015

The plan is in place.
The plan is in place.

The Jews have a very serious problem. It’s called “the internet.”

Since the spread of internet access across the Western world, the Jews have lost their media monopoly which they had previously maintained with relative ease. The internet has allowed for a free market of ideas, wherein anyone with a laptop can broadcast his thoughts to the entire world.

On top of this, the internet has allowed for a consolidation of information in a way that simply wasn’t possible in the age of libraries. I am just old enough to remember checking references and using the Dewey Decimal System to find the next piece of information I needed, then hoping the library I was in had the book on the shelf. That entire process has been replaced with instant, digital information.

What’s more, the internet has enabled intelligent people all over the world to bounce ideas off of one another in real time. This has led to endless discussions and debates, filled with easy citations of source material. These discussions are publicly observed, and a logical mind can draw conclusions from these discussions.

All of this has quickly allowed those with an interest in the truth to put the pieces together and discover the ultimate truth.

And that ultimate truth is:

The world has a Jewish Problem.

Goyim... it must end.
Goyim… it must end.

Granted, not everyone will accept the truth. But it is there now for anyone who cares about finding it. In order for an intelligent person to deny the Jewish nature of our present situation in the internet age, he has to engage in an active refusal to accept objective reality.

So now the Jews are finally realizing the deal, and are demanding the internet be censored across the entire planet, because the goyim know.

Thankfully for us, this is much too little much too late.

Jerusalem Post:

A government-convened international conference on anti-Semitism in Jerusalem on Thursday issued an action plan calling for Internet censorship as a remedy for anti-Jewish sentiment.

Recommendations coming out of the three-day meeting included the scrubbing of Holocaust denial websites from the Internet and the omission of “hate websites and content” from web searches.

Convened by the Foreign Ministry and the Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs Ministry, the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism (GFCA) is a biennial gathering bringing together Jewish community leaders, civil society representatives and diplomats to discuss ways to grapple rising levels of anti-Jewish prejudice.

There’s that word again – “rising” – and again the solution is “shut down free speech.”

No discussion of why more and more people are beginning to hate the Jews, just that the goyim are so stupid they can’t possibly be allowed to make their own decisions about what information they wish to be exposed to.

The solution to Holocaust denial isn’t an open and public debate over the facts surrounding this event where experts from both sides present their arguments and the public makes their own decision about whether or not they believe Adolf Hitler gassed six million Jews; no, instead it is “we have to block access to the views of people who disagree with us.”

Citing the “pervasive, expansive and transnational” nature of the Internet and the viral nature of hate materials, the conference’s final document called upon Internet service providers, web hosting companies and social media platforms to adopt a “clear industry standard for defining hate speech and anti-Semitism” as well as terms of service that prohibit their posting.

The “transnational nature of the internet” is codeword for “in the US the goyim have refused to give up their free speech.”

From my cold dead hands, Jew.
From my cold dead hands, Jew.

So the solution they are offering is for private companies to agree to bypass the government and block people’s speech.

Such moves, the document asserted, must be implemented while preserving the Internet’s “essential freedom.”


What is that statement supposed to mean? How could anyone think that makes sense?

“We want freedom, just not for people who question us.” -The Jews

Internet companies, the document stated, must “develop strong tools for the detection and prevention of websites and other Internet materials that promote terrorism and recruit to terrorist groups and actions.”

Whoa, what a jump! We’ve gone from censoring Holocaust denial to blocking terrorist recruitment! As if they are part of the same problem!

Asking for evidence that six million people were gassed by Adolf Hitler is basically the same thing as setting off a car bomb at a market.
Asking for evidence that six million people were gassed by Adolf Hitler is basically the same thing as setting off a car bomb at a crowded market.

Well, they’re not. Terrorist recruitment is already illegal in every country, including the US, and there are existing laws to deal with this. That is in no way a free speech issue, it is a terrorism issue.

And still, they try to connect it to Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism, because in the mind of the Jew, questioning them is a form of terrorism.

The GFCA document called upon national governments to establish legal units focused on combating cyberhate and to utilize existing legislation to prosecute those engaging in such prejudices online.

Yes. Put more people in prison for their opinions.

I actually support this. Mass round-ups of people who posted words which questioned the Jews would serve to wake a lot of people up to the problem.

On an instinctive level, humans recognize that attempting to silence a person for disagreeing with you shows that you are the one in the wrong.

But at this point, they really have no other option. Too many people now know what they are up to, and more and more are finding out every day.

Governments should likewise require the adoption of a “global terms of service prohibiting the posting of hate speech and anti-Semitic materials,” it was recommended.


In a second document focused on European anti-Semitism, the GFCA called upon the EU and national governments to adopt a formal definition of anti-Semitism that would include “unambiguous reference to attacks on the legitimacy of the State of Israel and its right to exist and Holocaust denial as forms of anti-Semitism.”

And of course, “Israel’s right to exist” is codeword for “Israel’s right to commit a genocide against the Palestinians and steal their land.”

We saw very clear proof of this fact with the recent “hate speech” crackdown on BDS in Canada.

Moreover, the EU and its member states should agree on standard mechanisms for the monitoring of anti-Semitism and review their laws to “ensure an adequate legal framework and law enforcement instruments for combating anti-Semitism” as well as applying existing legislation more proactively.

Speaking to attendees on Wednesday, Malcolm Hoenlein – executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations – said that said that there was an immediate need to establish an international Jewish security network that would deal with the physical security of Jewish communities and institutions. He called for a permanent international coordinating center on anti-Semitism, which would operate on a 24/7 basis and in which every country and relevant organization would participate.

There you have it. An international Jewish police force to protect them from people who hate them for no reason. Because for whatever reason (no reason, we are told), more and more people are beginning to hate the Jews.

It's to protect ourselves for you, barbaric goyim.
It’s to protect ourselves for you, barbaric goyim.

If we are really so barbaric that the Jews cannot safely live amongst us without new laws regulating everything we think, say and do, along with an international police force to protect them from us, then why do they want to live with us in the first place?

You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

I wonder if the various organizations supporting free speech on the internet will bother to address these plans of the Jews?