Israel: Jews March Through Jerusalem Chanting “Death to Arabs”

Is this why so many American politicians support Israel?

Do they want to genocide the Moslems?


In the 1980s, Rabbi Meir Kahane’s violent anti-Arab ideology was considered so repugnant that Israel banned him from parliament and the U.S. listed his party as a terrorist group.

Today, his disciples march through the streets by the hundreds, chanting “Death to Arabs” and assaulting any they come across. This week, they took part in a wave of communal violence in Jerusalem and mixed cities across Israel in which Arabs and Jews viciously attacked people and torched cars.

On Thursday evening, there was more ethnic strife. In Tel Aviv, two Jewish men attacked a journalist covering a gathering of ultranationalists. In the central Israeli city of Lod, a Jewish man was shot and seriously wounded by an Arab man. In Jaffa, an Israeli soldier was attacked by a group of Arabs and was hospitalized in serious condition.

Admirers of Kahane were elected to parliament in March as allies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, and one of the most prominent has become a fixture on Israeli TV.

Their resurgence has injected another element of volatility to the conflict. It’s also part of a broader shift to the right in Israel, where Kahane’s disciples are hardly alone in adopting a hard line toward the Palestinians and trafficking in anti-Arab rhetoric.

Right-wing parties that support Jewish settlements and oppose Palestinian independence won a large majority of seats in March, and Netanyahu and other right-wing leaders have often cast Israel’s Arab minority as a fifth column — unless they needed their votes.

Just sit here for a minute and imagine that fact that Joe Biden is not calling for calm amidst this, and is instead spouting “right to defend themselves” rhetoric.

Fun Fact: Meir Kahane is who the character of Magneto in the X-Men was based on.

Professor X was based on Rabbi Irving Greenberg, who was more of a peacenik. (Marvel Comics genius Stan Lee was more of a peacenik, so he made Magneto the bad guy. The comic therefore straightforwardly admits that there is a group of Jews who want to kill or enslave all non-Jews.)

The IDF made cartoons about the conflict, and Bangladeshi comedian Aamer Rahman fixed them.

That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen a Moslem do. It’s also completely true.

You can compare it to this faggot Trevor Noah shilling for Israel by continually claiming “it’s complicated.”

The answer is always “it’s complicated.”

It’s actually not complicated: Jews stole the land and then started killing everyone. Anyone who makes it more complicated than that is actually a liar, regardless of whether they seem to be acting “reasonable” by not just going full Joe Biden and saying “right to defend.”

In terms of this and that thing, I like Ron DeSantis. I like Lauren Boebert (I guess). I don’t necessarily believe that endorsing Israel disqualifies someone from doing anything else good – especially because no one can really disagree with Israel, ever.

Even AOC goes out there and shills. Then she calls the cops on people who say they are “underwhelmed” by her shilling.

The only people out there actually defending Palestine are Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib. I obviously dislike those two individuals in general, but credit where credit is due.

Whereas the left doesn’t even try to explain why they are shilling so hard for the Jews, the conservatives appear to try to claim that they are only shilling for Israel because they really hate Moslems.

However, then they go out and denounce China for “violating human rights” against Islamic terrorists.

Just to make it all worse: the Uyghurs that conservatives defend from “Chinese communism” joined ISIS in huge numbers. That’s not some secret – the State Department shill outlet Newsweek has reported on it.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah, who Israel is currently attacking, was the main group fighting ISIS.

ISIS has actually killed a lot of Americans. Most of the terrorist attacks of the last 5 years have been somehow connected to ISIS.

But the universal policy of the US government is to support ISIS, while attacking anti-ISIS Moslems. It’s not only inconsistent in terms of “we just want Moslems to die,” but it’s totally backwards.

I’m sick of this “I support Israel because I hate Moslems” garbage. Moslems by themselves present no threat to the West, and could just as easily be ignored. However, groups run by Jews marched them into Europe.

What’s more: the Israeli government LITERALLY funded projects to move “migrants” into Greece – and then built them camps in Greece!

The Israeli government! Let me just be explicit: it’s not just Jewish and Israeli NGOs that have been at the core of the “refugee crisis” movement, but the actual government of Israel has aided these people directly. The Israeli government brags about it.

And of course, the entire reason for the movement of these “refugees” was the war in Syria – which was started by Israel!

Israel has been repeatedly caught funding and aiding ISIS! They were handing out CASH MONEY.

Moreover, Jewish activists and Jewish politicians opened the gates for Moslems in America. They’re all coming in on the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act. That act is “Celler” as in “Emanuel Celler” – a Jewish race activist.

There would be no Moslems in America or Europe feeding on the Christian peoples if it were not for the Jews. So miss me with that “I just want Moslems to die” horseshit.

At the very least, any right-winger should be able to agree on the principle of non-intervention.

But instead, “far right” Ted Cruz wants to help the Jews by sending them more missiles!