Israel: Jews Invent Own Police Murder Race Hoax

Experts say he was a good boy, going to mosques, planting potted plants, trying to get his life on track.

Well, I mean, Jewish police are kinda brutal, so I’m not sure this is actually a hoax.

But how convenient is it that this happens right now?


Palestinians are reeling after Israeli police shot dead an unarmed autistic Palestinian man inside the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, where Israeli authorities have a history of using racial profiling and excessive force against Palestinians, specifically young men.

Eyad al-Halaq, 32, was on his way to the special needs school where he was a student when Israeli police ordered him to stop for a search when they spotted a “suspicious object that looked like a pistol.”

Al-Halaq, who according to statements from his family has the “mental age of a six-year-old child,” was reportedly spooked by the police and began rushing away from them.

The police officers then began chasing after al-Halaq before firing several rounds at him, ultimately killing him.

Israeli police issued a statement saying that after they “neutralized” the “suspect,” they conducted a body search and found no weapon in his possession.

Haaretz reported that while one officer fired warning shots in the air, the second more junior officer shot al-Halaq while he was trying to hide behind a dumpster.

The junior officer reportedly “suspected [al-Halaq] was a terrorist because he was wearing gloves” — an extremely common occurence here given the coronavirus pandemic.

On top of the fact that al-Halaq was unarmed and had special needs, the arbitrary and conflicting reasoning given by the officers as to why they pursued and shot him has sparked widespread outrage among Palestinians inside Israel and the occupied territories.

“Israel has been on a killing spree,” Palestinian leader and legislator Hanan Ashrawi said in a statement, referring to the case of al-Halaq, and the killing of 37-year-old Fadi Aqed 24 hours earlier.

Aqed was gunned down by Israeli soldiers at a bus stop outside Ramallah after the soldiers claimed he tried to ram them with his car. No soldiers were injured in the incident, while Aqed’s family said that he was on his way to pick up his wife when his car skidded off the road.

“The latest execution-style killing brings, to at least 21, the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces in such senseless acts of violence since January,” Ashrawi said. She added that “murders, land appropriation, home demolitions, and other acts of structural violence are on the rise.”

Leader of the Arab Joint List Ayman Odeh took to Twitter to condemn al-Halaq’s murder, saying “remember that they [police] pulled the trigger but the occupation loaded the weapon.”

Odeh called on the officers responsible to be put in jail, but expressed fears of a cover up.

“Justice will only be done when the Al-Halak family, their friends and the rest of the Palestinian people know freedom and independence,” he said.

And yes, to answer your question: Jews are rallying against themselves.

I guess that is the “hoax” part.

Looks like a lot of Jew women!