Israel: Jew Stabs Other Jew He Thought was an Arab

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2016


The Jew stabber


The stabbed Jew

Jews and Arabs really are the same Semitic people.

They can’t even tell each other apart.

Times of Israel:

A Jewish Israeli man was convicted of attempted murder on Wednesday for stabbing another Jewish man whom he mistook for an Arab in October 2015, in a bungled revenge attack.

Shlomo Pinto, from the northern Israeli city of Kiryat Ata, was also convicted of possession of a knife with racist motivations.

His sentencing is scheduled for December 18.

The stabbing took place following numerous Palestinian terrorist attacks against Jews, many of which involved knifes, marking the beginning of a nearly year-long spree of attacks that some pundits dubbed “the knife intifada.”

After deciding to take revenge on Arabs because of the stabbings, Pinto drove to Kiryat Ata, where he approached an Arab man near the Ikea furniture store and asked him if he was Arab. The Arab man was reportedly frightened by the question, and said he was not.

Pinto, satisfied with the answer, moved on. Minutes later, he identified another passerby, a Jew, and, concluding from his appearance that he was Arab, proceeded to stab him in the upper torso.

Uriel Razkan, the stabbing victim whom Pinto mistook for an Arab, recounted the attack to Army Radio.

“I’m working, and suddenly I feel four knife stabs in my back,” Razkan said at the time, adding that “I heard a shout, ‘you deserve it, you deserve it, Arab bastards!’ When I turn around I see an ultra-Orthodox man. I shouted to him, ‘I’m a Jew,’ but he tried to continue. I just ran away; otherwise I would have been killed.”

Now that – that is a funny story.

What a bunch of monkeys. Just running around randomly stabbing each other on the street, accidentally stabbing themselves… wow.

The whole Middle East is just a disgusting genetic waste pit.

We need a Crusade, cleanse the place, take back Jerusalem.


We’ve got some friggin scores to settle.