Israel is the Main Foreign Power Subverting the American Election System

Lee Rogers and Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 14, 2017

Israel not Russia is the main foreign power subverting American elections.

The Jewish media has been obsessed with this business about Russia allegedly influencing the recent 2016 U.S. election. This obsession has concealed the real problem with foreign influence over the American electoral system. It isn’t Russian influence that’s the problem, it is Israeli influence that’s the problem.

Below is a list of stories showing how Israelis or Jews substantively connected to Israel have been subverting the American electoral process.


A 2016 Fortune Magazine article entitled “Here’s Why AIPAC and the Israel Lobby Will Be Critical to 2016 Election” offers detail on how the Israeli lobby manipulates and subverts the American electoral system. While there are several pro-Israel groups that do this, AIPAC is by far the largest and most powerful of them all.

AIPAC or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington DC.

The article acknowledges how members of Congress will make themselves a powerful enemy if they go against the political interests of Israel. Here’s a direct quote from the piece.

Some outfits such as J Street, a centrist Jewish group, and Jewish Voice for Peace, a left-wing group, have surfaced in recent years, but neither of them comes close to matching the clout of AIPAC. So if a congressman from Kansas gets a call from an AIPAC lobbyist, he and his constituents may not think much about about Israeli affairs, but voting with the lobby is politically beneficial. Voting against them, meanwhile, gives that congressman a powerful enemy.

Political figures from both the Republican and Democrat parties are afraid to challenge these pro-Israel lobbying groups. This is why you see so many Congressional figures attending the yearly AIPAC conference. It is also why you rarely see anybody in Congress vote against legislation that favors Israel.

Haim Saban

A 2010 article published by the New Yorker on dual Israeli-American citizen and billionaire Haim Saban reveals conclusively that his primary political interest is Israel. The article documents his extensive connections to Israel dating back many decades. It also reveals that he influences American politics by making donations to political parties, establishing think tanks, and controlling media outlets.

A 2016 Mother Jones article detailing Saban’s links to Israel and the Clinton family quotes him as follows.

“I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.”

Saban donated millions of dollars to both the Clinton Foundation and a Super PAC called Priorities USA dedicated to electing Hillary Clinton President in 2016.

Israeli Jewess Tzipi Livni, Hillary Clinton, Israeli Jew Haim Saban and Israeli Jew Isaac Herzog

It should be greatly concerning that an Israeli billionaire who admits that his primary political interest is Israel uses his wealth this way. Someone who openly admits that America is not their primary political interest shouldn’t be able to donate millions of dollars to American political candidates.


Saban is a key owner of Univision a Spanish language television channel that agitates the minority Hispanic population against White Americans on behalf of Israel. Univision employs the likes of Jorge Ramos a Mexican terrorist who has been promoting the illegal alien invasion of America.

Jorge Ramos is an subversive anti-American agent working on behalf of Israeli interests.

Univision was by far the most virulent anti-Trump television channel during the election. Ramos serving in his capacity with Univision once disrupted a Trump campaign press conference and was forcibly removed by security. Ramos is nothing but a political agitator masquerading as a reporter. The fact that he cashes checks from the Israeli Saban is an important connection showing Israeli interference in American politics.

Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson like Saban is another Jewish billionaire with extensive connections back to Israel who has enormous influence over American politics.

Billionaire Jew Sheldon Adelson loves Israel and uses his shekels to promote its interests.

A 2015 article published by New York Magazine depicts Adelson as someone who was ready to buy the American Presidency. It details his financial connections to numerous figures in the Republican party, AIPAC and other Jewish lobbying groups. The article also notes his love for Israel going so far as to mention the Jewish Holocaust hoax and all the shekels he’s donated to Israeli causes.

What explains Adelson’s love for Israel? Like many Jews of his generation, he was raised in the shadow of the Holocaust and nurtured a deep affection for the Jewish state. But it was not until he met Miriam Ochshorn, an Israeli-born physician who in 1991 would become his second wife, that Adelson became so intense — and so profligate — in his support. Together with Miriam, Adelson’s charitable gifts have included $160 million to the Birthright Israel Foundation, which sponsors free ten-day trips to Israel for young American Jewish adults; $50 million to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem; $25 million to Ariel University, which is located in an Israeli settlement on the West Bank; and $16.4 million to a nonprofit that seeks to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon. In 2013, during one of Adelson’s half-dozen annual visits to Israel, the mayor of Jerusalem made him an honorary citizen of the city. The New York Times reported that Adelson provided the entertainment for the ceremony: performers from the Venetian in Macau who sang “That’s Amore.”

In 2012 it was reported that he poured $150 million into influencing the outcome of the American election.

Adelson even tried to buy influence with President Trump by donating millions of dollars to groups associated with his campaign.

Israeli Opposition Leader Accuses Netanyahu of Interfering in American Election

The JTA reported in November of 2016 that Issac Herzog of the Zionist Union Party and political opponent to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed concern about Israeli interference in the American election. Netanyahu’s political opponents like Herzog believe Israel is overplaying its hand in influencing American politics and want them to scale back their efforts. Herzog doesn’t want the dumb American goyim to understand how much the Israelis are mucking around in their electoral system.

If a major political figure in Russia accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of interfering in the American election it would get widespread media coverage. When a major political figure in Israel accuses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the same thing, the story gets no coverage. Israeli privilege!

The fact that a major political figure in Israel is openly using this as a talking point, proves conclusively that Israeli Jews are involving themselves in American elections. Even though Jews in America try to spin this view as conspiracy theory, Israelis acknowledge this as a matter of fact. There is no other way to interpret this.

Netanyahu’s Meddling in the 2012 American election

The Christian Science Monitor published an opinion piece in 2012 concluding that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was meddling in the American election. This is a mainstream source acknowledging that the highest government office holder in Israel was involving himself in the American political system.

Israeli Diplomat Caught on video plotting to take down British MPs

This past January an Israeli diplomat was caught plotting to take down British MPs. This news was reported all over the international press. While it doesn’t show direct involvement of Israelis manipulating American elections, it shows that they actively try to subvert foreign elections for their benefit.

If they are willing to subvert elections in the UK, they are most certainly doing it in the United States. A fact of which we’ve already established based on the previously referenced articles. Plus, the United States is a much more important country for Israel to have lobbying power over than the UK.

Top 5 Donors to Hillary Clinton were Jews

The JTA reported that the biggest donors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign were Jews.

They are Donald Sussman, a hedge fund manager; J.B. Pritzker, a venture capitalist, and his wife, M.K.; Haim Saban, the Israeli-American entertainment mogul, and his wife, Cheryl; George Soros, another hedge funder and a major backer of liberal causes, and Daniel Abraham, a backer of liberal pro-Israel causes and the founder of SlimFast.

It should be deeply concerning that these Jews would have this much financial clout over any political candidate. Especially the pro-Israel Jews listed.

U.S. intelligence reportedly told Israelis not to share information with Trump

A report from Haaretz discussed how the U.S. intelligence apparatus warned Israelis not to share information with President Trump. If there are people in the U.S. intelligence community collaborating with a foreign entity and telling them not to share information with the President of the United States, that needs to be investigated. It shows that there are people within the federal government who favor a foreign power over the United States.

The fact that such people would exist in key government positions like this is deeply troubling. Those individuals could easily use their position to subvert the political and electoral process of the country. The anti-Russian conspiracy theories floated in the press about alleged collusion between Trump and Russia appear to be the result of this very serious problem.

The American Media’s extensive connections to Israel

It is a well known fact that Jews control most of the corporate media in America. Many of these Jews naturally have significant connections back to Israel. This is why you rarely see any criticism of Israel in the American press. It is also why the media does not talk about the subversive force of Israel in America’s elections.

Jewish control of the American media is a fact. This is why they are always pushing pro-Israel propaganda.

Here’s just a small amount of information proving the vast Jewish and Israeli influence over America’s media.

Comcast which has extensive media operations in America has a Jewish CEO by the name of Brian L. Roberts. A Jewish Daily Forward article profiling Roberts notes his affinity for Israel. Another top executive for Comcast named David L. Cohen is a well known donor to the Friends of the IDF.

A Jew named Gary Ginsberg has helped write speeches for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and has held key high level positions at both News Corporation and Time Warner. Both of which are very large media operations.

CNN is currently run by a Jew named Jeff Zucker. Many of their key reporters, broadcasters and contributors are Jews. Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash are just a few of them.

Blitzer who has become the main face of CNN has strong connections with Israel. He worked for AIPAC in the 1970s and was also a long time reporter for the Jerusalem Post. In the 1980s Blitzer helped convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard spread propaganda for him.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is an Israeli propagandist. Assume him to be a mouth piece for the Mossad whenever you see him babbling on television.

CBS is run by Leslie Moonves a Jew who has family relations to the wife of former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.

The Jew Joel Stein writing for the Los Angeles Times fully admitted in a 2008 article that Jews run Hollywood. Some of these Jewish run entertainment companies also have vast media properties like Disney which owns ABC. Many of these Jews have extensive connections with Israel.

The media component is critical because the media trains people how to perceive reality. Whoever controls the media controls the information that people use to decide who they’ll vote for. The media’s deep connections to Israel raises serious questions about Israel influencing American elections through the use of misleading propaganda.

It is interesting to note how the Jewish controlled media has been so angry over Russia’s RT news operation. They’ve whined constantly about how it’s Russian propaganda. There is however no discussion about how the rest of the corporate media is Jewish and Israeli propaganda. This is despite the fact that its influence is much more profound than RT. Quite the double standard at play.

The Anti-Defamation League

The Anti-Defamation League otherwise known as the ADL is a Jewish run Israeli front group. They inserted themselves in the 2016 U.S. election on several occasions. One one occasion, they demanded that Donald Trump denounce a list of individuals that they didn’t like. Their denouncement generated media coverage that impacted the political narrative and the overall electoral process.

The ADL helps Israel operate as a fifth column in the United States by viciously attacking anybody who criticizes Jews or Israel. Their website even has a whole list of links showing how much they support Israel.

ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt was recently in Israel holding a meeting with Israeli lawmakers discussing how people hate Jews in America. This meeting perfectly illustrates the ADL’s close ties to Israel.

If Russia had an organization like this promoting Russian interests in this manner, the federal government would be using its full resources to shut them down. The fact that the ADL can exist as a nonprofit group with no repercussions is another not so shocking case of Israeli privilege at work.

Jewish Neoconservatives with ties to Israel regularly denounced Trump campaign

One of the more interesting aspects of the 2016 presidential campaign was seeing large numbers of Jewish neoconservatives denounce the Trump campaign. Many of these Jews involved with denouncing Trump either have close connections to Israel or hold a very favorable view of Israel.

Bill Kristol is a pro-Israel Jew who has made a living off of encouraging Americans to fight illegal and unethical wars for Israel.

Bill Kristol was perhaps one of the most rabid of these neoconservatives pushing the failed #NeverTrump movement throughout the election cycle. Kristol has consistently held rabidly pro-Israel views throughout his career as a media pundit.

Michael Chertoff the former head of Homeland Security under Bush 43 declared Trump to be “hysterical” and supported Hillary Clinton. Chertoff’s mother was Israeli so by Israeli law he’s an Israeli citizen.

There are also several other cases of Jewish neoconservatives who inserted themselves in the 2016 election cycle by pushing their pro-Israel propaganda to the American people. Much of their propaganda was designed to counter signal the Trump campaign. It is concerning that so many Jews with close ties to Israel are able to spread their propaganda like this.


Based on what is documented here, it is quite troubling that a foreign power like Israel holds such a tremendous amount of influence over America’s election process. They have far more influence than Russia. There is no denying this.

Instead of looking everywhere for made up Russian conspiracies, the federal government needs to immediately shut down this Israeli conspiracy to corrupt our elections. Congress, the FBI and other appropriate government agencies need to begin investigations based on the information presented in this article.

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