Israel is Sending Holocaust Propaganda to the Moon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2018


You read that headline and thought it was some kind of metaphor, I’m sure.

But no.

The Jews are actually sending fake Holocaust stories directly to the earth’s natural satellite.

It’s shockingly similar to this old comic:

It almost makes a man wonder if Jews are not inspired by people who dislike them to become even more vile caricatures of themselves.

Times of Israel:

Israel’s Declaration of Independence and national anthem. The Bible. The memories of a Holocaust survivor. Children’s drawings of space and the moon; art, science, literature and technology; the Traveler’s Prayer and a note from former president Shimon Peres containing a verse from the Book of Genesis. All of these — three discs containing hundreds of digital files — were inserted Monday in a time capsule scheduled to head to the moon sometime next year, when Israel hopes to launch and land its first ever spacecraft to the moon.

Do Jews believe that space aliens understand Hebrew?

Because the Mormons believe that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jews also believe some kind of strange thing like this.

Either way, sending Holocaust propaganda to the moon certainly speaks to how fixated these people are on this particular hoax, and how much it defines their identity as a people.

A 2016 Pew Research poll showed that Jews view “remembering the Holocaust” as the most important part of Jewish identity.

Of course, what that means is that the core of their identity is punishing the people who allegedly committed this fake crime: all white people.

And if aliens do show up, the first thing that Jews are going to tell them is “oy vey, these anti-Semites gassed my uncle 5 – no 7! – times!

I don’t think the aliens will care too much.

In fact, if the aliens don’t have psychic powers to know that they’re lying, they’ll look at the existing text record and then demand that research be done at Auschwitz and the rest of the camps to prove that this happened.

There is literally no way on earth aliens will be as stupid as white people and believe this ridiculous fake shower room bug-spray death chamber hoax.