Israel is Repeatedly Bulldozing the Same Village, EU Keeps Rebuilding It

Israeli Jews are alpha.

They will just destroy your home without thinking twice. They don’t care who knows about it.

Bulldozing the same village over and over again is like Scooby-Doo, where every episode has the same plot.

Irish Times:

The labels read “Humanitarian support to Palestinians at risk of forcible transfer in the West Bank” and they lie in the rubble of a destroyed community that is home to over 60 people, more than half of them children.

The “Irish Aid – Government of Ireland” logos are clearly visible among the debris of broken solar panels, children’s belongings and destroyed tents, marking items donated to the Palestinian families by a European Union umbrella group that includes Ireland among its donors.

As the pandemic raged this winter, the village of Khirbet Humsah was repeatedly razed by Israeli forces in a struggle over territory in a remote part of the Palestinian West Bank that has been under Israeli occupation since 1967.

Over the last three months, nearly 70 structures provided to the community as EU aid have been destroyed or seized, according to the European Commission.

And this week, undeterred by statements of condemnation from the EU and Ireland, Israel destroyed shelters funded by the EU to rebuild the community in front of a group of European diplomats who were visiting the spot, according to aid workers who were present.

The Israeli government has designated the area a military firing range, and insists its soldiers are repeatedly breaking up and seizing the donated tents and animal shelters because the village is illegal and the Palestinians need to move on for their own safety.

But European officials and humanitarian groups view the demolitions as a transparent attempt at a land grab that contravenes international law in an area in which Israeli settlements have been expanding in a way that erodes prospects for a viable Palestinian state.

The initial destruction of Khirbet Humsah occurred on November 3rd, the same day voters in the United States went to the polls, when Cogat, the Israeli military body that handles civilian affairs in the Palestinian territories, moved in to demolish the animal shelters, solar panels, latrines and tents that were home to roughly a dozen families who make their living raising sheep and goats.

The United Nations described it as the biggest single demolition in a decade, adding to a toll of destruction of some 689 structures by Israel across the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2020 that the UN says made 869 Palestinians homeless.

So, basically, the Jews are rushing to finish this process because the jig is almost up.

There is just no way they can keep doing this “bulldoze everyone’s house” bit during the up and coming New World Order. “Zionism” is going to have to transform. That is why George Soros is pouring all of this money into trying to oust Bibi Netanyahu.

Eventually, Bibi will be ousted. There is no other thing that can happen, just like there was no other thing that could happen in the 2020 US presidential election.

What they are going to do is build a “Middle East Union,” which will effectively also be “Greater Israel.” The Saudis and the rest of the Gulf States are on board with this. The only remaining hold-outs are the Shiites, headed by Iran. We’re probably looking at a war with them pretty soon.