Israel is Bombing Facilities in Iran to Try to Trigger a War Before Trump Leaves Office

This is typical Jewish behavior. They do things like this constantly inside of Western countries, but the media is only allowed to report it when it is the state of Israel doing it.

Business Insider:

Israel is involved in an extended campaign to pressure or damage Iran before President Donald Trump can be voted out of office in the November election, a former Israeli defense official and a current European Union intelligence official told Insider.

Iran has seen weekly incidents, including explosions at a missile-production facility on June 22; the Natanz nuclear facility, Iran’s largest uranium-enrichment center, on July 2; and an important shipyard in the port city of Bushehr on Wednesday.

These attacks have put the country on edge, with nearly daily reports of fires, explosions, and other mishaps treated as potential foreign sabotage.

A Middle Eastern official told The New York Times earlier this month that Israel’s intelligence services were responsible for the nuclear-facility explosion. Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said at a press conference on July 5 that in regard to Iran, “we take actions that are better left unsaid.”

Iranian officials said most of the reported incidents were normal accidents but that in a handful of cases, enemy saboteurs were suspected.

A former Israeli defense official told Insider it was common knowledge in Israeli intelligence circles that at least some of the events in Iran over the past month were the work of Israeli intelligence operations.

“I don’t know which ones exactly and wouldn’t tell you anyway because the entire point is for the Iranians to feel considerable stress trying to decide what might have been our work,” they said.

The former official spoke on condition of anonymity, citing fears of repercussion, but their identity is known to Insider.

The Israeli government’s ongoing policy on Iran is clear, the former official added.

“It’s been decided to follow the Trump administration’s lead of exerting ‘maximum pressure’ on the Iranians,” they said, referencing the US’s economic-sanctions policy directed toward Iran.

I’m tired of caring about Iranians, and I just really do not care at all anymore.

It’s good to point out how the Jews behave, the fact that they are a race of born terrorists, but people are only so interested in that and if you talk about Israel all the time people just think you’re pro-Moslem.

What I do care about is that the Mossad is the world’s premier intelligence agency, and they are apparently acting under the assumption that Trump is going to lose the election.

That should scare the hell out of all of us.