Israel Introduces “Freedom Bracelet” to Track People (Next Stop: 666 Implant!)

If you have the bracelet, why do you need the mask?

Now see, this is what I told you would happen.

It’s a bracelet first, then they will give you a computer chip in your right hand that somehow has a “666” in it. Whether or not you’re a Christian, it is clear that these people are trying to do the Book of Revelations.


Israel has unveiled a coronavirus-tracking bracelet as an alternative to a two-week quarantine for incoming travelers, sparking privacy concerns as a top court moved to curb the Shin Bet spy agency’s role in contact tracing.

A pilot program for the tracking bracelet kicked off at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday, where 100 devices were doled out to arriving travelers as a way to avoid a stay at a military-administered quarantine hotel. Instead, those opting for the bracelet system – which features the electronic wristband, a smartphone app and a wall-mounted tracking device – will be free to return home to wait out the two-week isolation period.

While the device will alert authorities if participants venture too far from the wall-mounted tracker, Ordan Trabelsi, the CEO of SuperCom, the company behind the bracelet, said it does not collect any other information, insisting the tech is minimally intrusive.

“Nobody is forced to do it, but for those who are interested, it gives them another option: more flexibility,” he said.

“We call it a ‘freedom bracelet’ because we are not locking anybody up, but rather giving them the opportunity to go home.”

The pilot project – which Trabelsi has already called to expand to “thousands of units” for “wide-scale use” – may trigger further anxiety given SuperCom’s past work with a number of governments around the world to provide “offender monitoring” services, using its tracking tech to surveil prisoners and detainees. The firm signed a contract last year with a government agency in Wisconsin to offer the same service, and also sells technology used for electronic IDs, voter biometrics and cybersecurity.

The bracelet is going to be connected to the “green pass” vaccine project as well. They are just dumping all of this stuff, to get you used to it, and Israel is the place where they are going to show “see, a totally locked down and vaccinated population works!”

I was thinking about the fact that all of this stuff is going on in Israel first. They’re doing the mass vaccination there, and they’re developing this “technotronic” state there.

Part of it is that it’s a small country with a high degree of social trust and it is also – wait for it – totally run by Jews. But the other part, probably, is that they want Israel to be the cultural center of their world government. So, they will be the first ones to start operating with the computer chip implant. Within this year, they will start giving that as an option instead of the bracelet, and start advertising it.

That’s what they’ve written, and that’s what they’re trying to accomplish. Non-Jews like Bill Gates don’t really care about the fact that they’re working with Jews in this agenda, and they don’t care about giving them the cultural center of this empire, as long as the Jews deliver on getting this job done.

The Jews are delivering.

Next you’re going to start to see a movement towards a “Middle East Union.” Prince Salman has really screwed up that process slightly by being a sadistic moron and getting the whole world to hate him by killing that journalist and chopping him up, and also by creating a rift in the elite by hacking Jeff Bezos’ phone for his nudes and trying to blackmail him.

Prince Salman is like Andrew Cuomo – a haughty moron who thinks he’s better than everyone and goes around acting like it. The difference is, there are a lot of people who can fill the role that Cuomo is playing, so he’s getting thrown under the bus. There is no one else who can play the role that Salman is playing, so the elite just have to deal with him.

That’s one of the big problems with this whole thing – it is really difficult to get the human resources, because the kinds of people that are passionate about this system are not particularly high quality, and the high quality people who go along with it are not particularly passionate. The kind of intelligent and moral (“aristocratic”) people who would be running a normal society are now shooting fentanyl or playing video games, because if you are both intelligent and morally driven (and the two are usually linked, though not in every case) there isn’t any place for you in this society. This means the ruling class has to deal with these weird psychopathic morons.

The plan was to have Prince Salman be the face of the coming together of Jews and Moslems, after Bibi Netanyahu is replaced with some young, handsome (as far as Jews go) Labor leader. Right now, Salman is so burned, they might try to switch him out, maybe find some princess somewhere; it’s a difficult balance, because Moslems are one group that still has a tendency to go apeshit.

(Thus far, the plan to seduce Moslems with Western culture is going well, however. No one in Saudi Arabia is rioting, even though they’re having rap music concerts with alcohol and drugs and mixed sexes. The internet is free in all the Gulf countries, meaning the women are already all groomed as feminists just waiting to throw off the burka and join the global gang-bang.)

(Furthermore, most of the kinds of Moslems who are prone to going apeshit are being funneled into these ISIS type groups, which at some point, these people are going to use to invade Iran and finish off Syria. So it’s the epitome of a win-win, overall. But the entire Moslem world is currently tolerating Prince Salman, even whilst he is creating all these problems in the West.)

They’re going to open up Jerusalem to Moslems at the same time as they build their new temple NEXT TO the Dome of the Rock. (Remember that – it is going to be next to the Dome of the Rock. They’re not going to tear down the Dome of the Rock to build it, as many heretical televangelists have claimed.)

Jerusalem will then be announced as “a city for all faiths” and they’ll have some big Olympics opening ceremony type ritual event, with all the different religions.

Probably, Lady Gaga will be there.