Israel: High Court Demands Ultra-Orthodox Party Allow Womyn to Join

Daily Stormer
January 12, 2018

Jews promote feminism for the stupid goyim, while implementing strict Kosher Sharia in Israel.

Nothing more satisfying than seeing a snake bite its own tongue.


Israel’s High Court of Justice has ordered the ultra-orthodox Agudat Yisrael Party to remove a clause in its bylaws that forbids women from obtaining membership in the run-up to the 9 April Israeli elections, according to Haaretz.

The court ruled that the party’s charter should be amended within 21 days in order to remove all women-related restrictions, saying that “there will not be any rules preventing acceptance of a woman as a party member” and that “from a legal standpoint the appeal process has been fulfilled”.

About time these nazis started respecting womyn and stuff.

Under the ruling, if the party regulations aren’t amended and a woman is blocked from joining the party, she may file a petition to the High Court.

Haaretz cited an unnamed Agudat Yisrael member as saying that the party will “respect the High Court’s instructions to change the party’s constitution because it’s a matter of semantics that has no practical meaning”.

“Even the group of women who speak about a lack of women’s representation in the party know that this won’t change in the decades to come, and still they know that Agudat Yisrael is a party that will see to the needs of all Haredi Jews,” he said.

Ah, fuck…

My hopes have been dashed…

I was really hoping these foreskin-munchers would get a little dose of the enlightenment they’ve been giving us for decades.

Women’s groups based in Israel claimed, for their part, that amending the clause alone would not completely remove the obstacles females face in joining the party.

In this vein, the groups asked the High Court to clarify whether a change in the rules “would effectively open the gates to women to join the party”.

Ah, so they’re not done yet.

Can’t really imagine a woman really being interested in politics – most of them literally cannot grasp even the most basic concepts of it – but they do have this sick desire of invading male spaces for attention.

Let’s hope that, like all bad character traits, this one too is more accentuated in Jews.

Founded in 1912, Agudat Yisrael mainly represents the Hasidic branch of the ultra-orthodox community, joining with the Degel Hatorah Party to form United Torah Judaism (UTJ), which has a total of six seats in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. Neither group has ever fielded women candidates for Knesset or municipal elections.

And yet nobody in the (((media))) has ever called them nazis or incels, for some reason…

Welp, let’s hope that changes really soon.

History has shown that the more political power women have in a given society, the faster said society collapses, which is the whole reason why Jews invented feminism to begin with.

But now, it’s starting to affect them as well…

…and that’s one of the best things for us.