Israel: Coronavirus Morbidity is Rising Despite Vaccinations

This is just… no one could have predicted something like this.

Jerusalem Post:

Israeli opposition leaders have urged Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy to reconvene the Knesset plenum for an emergency session, despite recess, to address the collapse of hospitals amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The faction heads of the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) parties United Torah Judaism and Shas sent a joint statement to Levy, urging him to deal with the collapse of hospitals, which now refuse to admit COVID-19 patients and are set to go into “Shabbat mode” amid a severe lack of funding.

“The hospitals are suffering from a lack of funding and a halt in supplies,” they said. “Especially during this rise in COVID-19 morbidity, we demand that the Knesset convene to address this emergency and the government’s prolonged disregard of the hospitals’ basic requirements.”

Remember, the vaccine is safe and effective.

If cases and deaths rise among the vaccinated, that doesn’t mean that the vaccine doesn’t work, or that the vaccine isn’t effective. It just means that you need more vaccines!