Israel Continues “Christmas Slaughter” Tradition by Bombing Palestine

The Jews don’t ever miss a Christmas bombing opportunity.

I can pretty much guarantee you they found some Christians in Palestine to slaughter.


The Israel Defense Forces have bombed multiple Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip, saying the strikes came in retaliation for a volley of missiles launched from the Palestinian enclave toward Israel on Christmas day.

The targets allegedly included a rocket manufacturing site, a military post and some underground infrastructure, the IDF said in a tweet, warning that “Hamas will bear the consequences for all terror emanating from Gaza.”

Air raid sirens sounded in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon late Friday, forcing residents to flee for bomb shelters. However, the Iron Dome air defense system reportedly intercepted all of the missiles, with videos shared online claiming to show the projectiles being launched from Gaza and then shot down mid-air.

Footage purporting to capture the IDF retaliatory strikes has also been circulating on social media, showing a bright blast lighting up the night sky.

Who even knows if the Jews didn’t go into Palestine and shoot the rockets at themselves in order to justify returning fire. That wouldn’t be the first time, I can tell you that.

Either way, this “Christmas slaughter” is a Jewish tradition, which I would think should interest Christians.

Here’s 2019, where it was the same thing (they said they were returning fire against Palestinian rockets):

In 2018, they didn’t use that excuse when they bombed Syria:

We’re supposed to believe this is a coincidence.

I think Jews hate Christians and they hate Christmas, and it’s important for them to kill people on this day.