Israel Claims UN Panel to Investigate Gaza War Crimes is a “Kangaroo Court”

Daily Stormer
August 12, 2014

The Jews are already claiming that the investigation is a kangaroo court before it has even started.

The Jews will of course claim that any attempt to investigate their criminality is a fraud or represents some sort of vague racial hatred.  This is not a surprise, considering they lie about pretty much everything you can imagine.  In their sick minds they think that they do no wrong, even if it involves slaughtering women and children.

Conversely, they’ll never say that the post World War II Nuremberg trials were a kangaroo court, even though there was substantial evidence to suggest that the trials were a sham.  German National Socialists were actually tortured before being tried and condemned by the farce court.  The trials were also criticized by many prominent legal scholars of the time.  The Jews on the other hand thought the Nuremberg trials were the greatest thing ever.

From Reuters:

The United Nations on Monday named experts to an international commission of inquiry into possible human rights violations and war crimes committed by both sides during Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Israel, however, dismissed the inquiry as a U.N. Human Rights Council “kangaroo court”.

William Schabas, a Canadian professor of international law, will head the panel whose other members are Doudou Diene, a Senegalese veteran U.N. human rights expert.

A U.N. statement said Amal Alamuddin, a British-Lebanese lawyer engaged to be married to Hollywood actor George Clooney would take part though Alamuddin later denied she would participate in the inquiry.

“I am honored to have received the offer, but given existing commitments – including eight ongoing cases – unfortunately could not accept this role,” she said in a statement.

It was not clear who would replace Alamuddin on the panel.

The U.N. statement said the independent team will investigate “all violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law … in the context of the military operations conducted since 13 June 2014.”

A month of war, marked by Israeli air strikes on Gaza and rockets fired by Hamas militants into Israel, has killed 1,938 Palestinians and 67 Israelis while devastating wide tracts of densely populated Gaza.

The panel is to report by March 2015 to the U.N. Human Rights Council. Israel has long accused the 47-member state forum of bias against it.

Shockingly, it isn’t just the UN that it is international organization of Jew-hatred.

The Red Cross is also engaging in blatant Antisemitism, claiming that the Jews shouldn’t be purposefully killing babies to defend themselves.

Charisma News:

The European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), the international affiliate of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), on Monday blasted the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for biased comments accusing Israel of war crimes in its effort to defend its civilian population from attacks by Hamas terrorists while failing to acknowledge the deadly terrorist tactics used by Hamas which clearly violate international law.

“It is deeply disturbing that the International Red Cross, which should be an objective relief organization, is engaging in an unbalanced and biased campaign to smear Israel,” says Jay Sekulow, who serves as chief counsel of the ECLJ as well as the ACLJ.

“While insinuating that Israel is committing war crimes as it protects its civilian population under attack by Hamas terrorists, the Red Cross is turning a blind eye to the deadly terrorist tactics used by Hamas—using its own population as human shields—in clearly violation of international law,” Sekulow continues. “We are urging the Red Cross to rely on the facts and the truth in reporting what is taking place in the Gaza conflict.

“Israel should be commended, not vilified, for its efforts to carry out its obligations under international law in the face of a determined, fanatical, unprincipled foe which intentionally and indiscriminately attacks Israeli civilians and uses its own civilian population as human shields.”

It is simply incredible that after 6,000 trillion Jews were gassed by Adolf Hitler, international organizations have the nerve to question the Jews for killing infants on purpose.

In fact, the very concept of “war crimes” is an Antisemitic hoax designed to prevent the Jews from defending themselves. How can you not kill infants, if they are terrorists? And how can you kill infant terrorists without purposefully levelling the entire infrastructure of a place, blowing up their hospitals and schools?

Clearly, the Jews have suffered to much to allow these dangers to come upon them.

Daily Slave contributed to this report.