Israel Bombed Iranian Nuclear Site

Israel is going extra nuts over Iran.

Times of Israel:

A fire that damaged a building used for producing centrifuges at Iran’s Natanz nuclear site was sparked by Israel, a Middle Eastern intelligence official told the New York Times on Sunday.

The unidentified official said the blast Thursday at the Natanz nuclear complex was caused by a powerful bomb.

A member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps also told the newspaper that an explosive was used, but didn’t specify who was responsible.

The Middle Eastern intelligence official said Israel wasn’t linked to several other recent mysterious fires in Iran over the past week.

The report came as Iran admitted that Natanz incurred “considerable” damage from the fire last week, as satellite pictures appeared to show widespread devastation at the sensitive facility.

If Joe Biden wins the election, we’re going to see an escalation of these types of tensions. For all Trump’s faults, he hasn’t been particularly useful to the globalist Jews with regards to their war agenda.

He’s going to sooth the mob in the US by allowing them to slaughter white people, then he’s going to go full-on with the international agenda.