Israel: Bibi Says Jews Publishing Fake News Against Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2017

Full disclosure: I actually know relatively little about the internal politics of Israel.

Basically, Bibi is right-wing, and there is a left-wing and a center-wing, but they are pretty well all Zionists – that is to say, they believe in Israel as a purely Jewish state – other than an obscure fringe, who believe in a one-state solution (which would give Arabs in the Palestinian territories full voting rights, and thus due to population numbers effectively put Arabs in charge of the entire country).

The normal left parties believe in a two-state solution, stopping the settlements in the West Bank and returning to 1967 borders (which is actually the same position as the UN and probably the logical solution to the problem – I don’t think even Iran would be all that bothered if the Jews kept Tel Aviv and their part of Jerusalem).

The general qualm against Bibi is that he is abusing the Palestinians and putting Israel’s security at risk by making the whole world hate Israel due to human rights violations.

Israel’s media – hilariously enough – is run by liberal Jews – who he is now accusing of being “fake news.”

He’s trying to do a Donald Trump here.

It’s pretty funny stuff.

Jerusalem Post:

The Likud came out en masse in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night to support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who lashed out at the media to a responsive chorus of resounding boos.

Netanyahu accused the Left and the media of being one and the same, together on “an obsessive, unprecedented witch-hunt against me and my family, seeking to overthrow the government…. Their goal is to put inappropriate pressure on law enforcement, with no connection to justice.”

The prime minister called the media the “thought police.”

“God forbid if you think differently from them!” he quipped.

Netanyahu also pointed out to the adoring crowd how “the fake news media repeated that if we don’t withdraw from territories in our homeland, Israel will be isolated and weak and abandoned.

Remember their cries? Isolation, isolation, isolation.”

The crowd showed its own distaste for members of the press, confronting some of them with shouts, while others held signs describing the media with obscenities.

“They’re just jealous of Bibi,” one woman said while waiting on line to go through security. During Netanyahu’s speech, another attendee scoffed that the TV news would probably manipulate the boos for the media to seem like the prime minister was the target.

The rally was held in a packed hall at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, after it was moved from a smaller location due to the large number of Likud members who signed up to attend.

People held signs warning of a putsch and saying “the Left thinks the rule of law is a joke.” They sang, “Bibi, king of Israel,” to the tune of the song about King David, and toted posters – on which Netanyahu’s face was emblazoned – bearing the slogan “My prime minister.”

Coalition chairman David Bitan, who organized the demonstration in response to the protests held every Saturday night near Attorney- General Avichai Mandelblit’s home calling for him to indict Netanyahu, was mobbed by party members hoping to take photos with him. Controversial MK Oren Hazan, who called the State Attorney’s Office “a stable that’s full of crap that needs to be cleaned up,” took selfie after selfie with fans.

The prime minister – who faces multiple police investigations – warned that the Palestinians hope he gets convicted of corruption, because they know he won’t make concessions they want, such as “retreating to the 1967 borders, to the outskirts of Kfar Saba.”

In 1992, Netanyahu said, the Left claimed that thenprime minister Yitzhak Shamir was corrupt, ousted him, “and then we got Oslo and exploding buses. Now they’re doing the same to me and my wife,” adding that the media don’t tell the public how Sara Netanyahu, who was in attendance, helps Holocaust survivors and children with cancer.

I have no thoughts on whether Bibi is guilty of the corruption charges being lobbied against him. My first thought would be that he probably isn’t, because he is so rabid, he seems to care solely about the existence and promotion of his own race (and the destruction of other races).

I don’t really see him as the sort to rip-off other Jews. However, he is Jewish, and when Jews are surrounded by other Jews, with no goyim to rip off, they do start ripping each other off.

So who knows.

But if I had to guess, I would say that this is some measure by the media, and possibly parts of the Mossad, to oust him for reasons that are probably rather complicated.

Would a More Liberal Administration in Israel be Better for Us?

The question of whether a more liberal administration in Israel would be better for the nationalists of the West, in particular if it would be better for Donald Trump’s agenda, is an interesting one.

It’s hard for me to picture how all of that would play out, so I’m not going to make any predictions.

What I can say is that the leftist hate for the state of Israel is being driven by the Bibi agenda, and I think that is good. At the same time, it is Bibi that is putting pressure on the CIA and other American organizations to continue the war in Syria. Of course, it isn’t Bibi directly, but far-right Zionist Jews who have American citizenship yet align themselves with the Bibi agenda. So I don’t know that the pressure on American institutions to engage in interference in the Middle East would change without Bibi in charge.

I also don’t know that a liberal administration would stop the Mossad from arming and training terrorist in Arab countries. I think just like in the West, Israel has a deep state that Bibi just happens to be aligned with.

Then there is the fact that even if Bibi was ousted over corruption charges, it would still be hard to elect any sort of liberal-left leader. The leftists who run the newspapers and are push for a less hostile government are Western Ashkenazi Jews, while Bibi’s main support base is from the brown-skinned Arab Jews (Mizrahi).

Mizrahi Jews

The IDF Jew who shot that Arab that was handcuffed is Mizrahi. Most of their career military men are.

The Mizrahi are the majority of Israel’s population (by a slim margin – 51-52%), because once the state of Israel was founded, Arabs became extremely hostile towards the Jews living in their own countries, so huge numbers of them had to flee to Israel. They are warlike, and their majority vote pretty well ensures a permanently warlike government – or some kind of centrist coalition which would not be able to stop the building of settlements, let alone comply with the UN and remove the ones already in the West Bank.

So – I don’t know. I’m not going to tell you I know something I don’t know.

It does, however, look like Bibi is having a lot of problems, and he may in fact be ousted. I’d say there’s at least a 35% chance of that right now, from everything I’ve read on the topic – in particular, the fierceness with which he is fighting back – doing the whole Donald Trump fake news bit – makes me believe he is in some serious trouble.