Israel Attacks Syria Again, Missiles DENIED by Syrian Defenses

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2019

Nice try, kikes.

Better luck next time.


Air defense systems have been activated around Tel al-Harah in southern Syria, close to the border with Israel, border to repel an incoming missile attack allegedly launched by the IDF, state news agency SANA reports.

Amid the strike on the strategic mountaintop area in the Daraa Governorate, the IDF allegedly waged “electronic warfare” against the Syrian army’s radar installations, a SANA source noted. The high ground was captured by the government forces from al-Nusra terrorists in July 2018, and currently serves as a crucial air defense position, according to reports.

No casualties from the strikes have been reported. The attack did cause some material damage, the agency reports, citing military sources that blamed Israel for the aggression.

So is Israel ever going to just admit that they’re at war with Syria?

Officially, they claim that they’re bombing Iranian terrorists who have set up shop in Syria, and just happen to be clustered around Syrian army bases and key strategic points.

At least that’s what they used to do. Now, I’m not so sure. They seem to just be rolling with it and bombing without even trying to explain why they are doing it and how it isn’t illegal to do what they’re doing.

The IDF has not commented on the alleged attack. Israel rarely acknowledges its cross-border raids against Syria, and has repeatedly stated that it reserves the right to defend its ‘national security’ by any means necessary. In recent weeks, Tel Aviv has confirmed striking multiple Syrian Army installation targets, in retaliation to cross-border tensions surrounding the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. 

So… they are at war now, yes? Israel appears to be just casually admitting it now, but everyone knows that special rules get applied to the kikes, so it’s really impossible to make any sense of it at all really.

Syria, unfortunately, cannot respond in kind to Israel’s provocation because the US is, no doubt, waiting for them to harm the hair on a precious IDF soldier’s head to justify more shenanigans in Syria and then pivot to occasionally bombing Iran – because why not at this point?

This is, however, no doubt the blueprint for the neocon wars of the near future, where everyone will act like there is no war going on to avoid the accusations of starting wars. But there will be, by both the literal and technical definition of the word, a war going on.

No declarations, no condemnations, no nothing. Just the quiet whistle of the bombs falling and silent firework displays lighting up the desert night sky.