Israel at the Forefront of Mass Coronavirus Vaccination

The establishment has claimed that the vaccine is a kind of messiah solution to all of the problems of 2020.

After drumming up a serious paranoid delusion about the coronavirus vaccine among the public, the Jewish media is whining about some lesbian fitness instructor or upper-middle class Canadian couple taking the coronavirus vaccine from “people who need it more.” The vaccine companies have said that the third world won’t get the vaccine until 2024. The Pope is talking about “vaccine nationalism.”

Meanwhile, Israel is saying they’re going to vaccinate their entire national population by the spring. They allegedly currently have the highest number of vaccinations of any country – by a lot.

Israel is being promoted not as a “rich country” who took vaccines “intended for the vulnerable.” Instead, they are being promoted as proof that the vaccine works great.

BBC News:

Israel’s vaccination programme is showing signs of working to drive down infections and illness in the over-60s.

The fall appears to be most pronounced in older people and areas furthest ahead in their immunisation efforts.

This suggests it is the vaccine, and not just the country’s current lockdown, taking effect.

Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) figures show 531 over-60s, out of almost 750,000 fully vaccinated, tested positive for coronavirus (0.07%).

And far fewer fell ill, with 38 becoming hospitalised with moderate, severe or critical disease – a tiny proportion.

The MoH assessed the medical records of almost a million people in total – 743,845 of whom were over the age of 60 – until at least seven days after they received a second dose of the vaccine.

There were three deaths in vaccinated over-60s – although it is possible they contracted the infection earlier, before their immunity had time to build.

Before the vaccine had time to take effect, more than 7,000 infections were recorded, just under 700 cases of moderate to critical illness and 307 deaths.

The MoH data suggests infections and illnesses fell consistently from 14 days after receiving the first jab onwards.

As you know, I talk about Jewish control of the media and I also talk about the potential threats presented by the vaccine that they are attempting to vaccinate the population with. So, the obvious question for me would be: “if the vaccine is dangerous, then why are the Jews taking it?”

The Jews are the force overwhelmingly behind the push for mass vaccination, and the Jews also would not purposefully harm their own people (maybe one or two, but not their whole country).

In general, it makes logical sense that the Israelis are going into the whole coronavirus hoax, with the masks and so on. It is part of globalism that everyone has to go along with it (the only countries that aren’t are China, its satellites, and various random third world countries). I’m sure there are a lot of Jews who believe in the coronavirus apocalypse, even educated ones. Jews are neurotic people, and they also have for decades been believing their own hoaxes to their own detriment (feminism, homosexuality, etc.). That part isn’t strange. But they would not give their people a harmful vaccine. Israel is alleged to be using the Pfizer vaccine, and Pfizer is a totally Jewish company.

My immediate response would be: “well, it’s probably a different vaccine.” However, I have continually taken a position against putting forward that kind of orbital teapot argument. Honestly, I would not be surprised if the Israelis were taking a different vaccine, but there is no use for a theory that you cannot prove either way.

I have never argued that the vaccine was deliberately dangerous. I have argued that injecting synthetic mRNA in order to instruct human cells is bizarre, and I have argued that the vaccine is unnecessary, and I have argued that the people putting forward the vaccine don’t care about our health so there is no reason to trust them.

It could be that there is no specific vaccine agenda, and the vaccines are simply part of the excuse for continuing the lockdown, which is an agenda we have a very clear understanding of.

Another thing that we know as a matter of fact is that the elite are planning a human genetic engineering agenda. Klaus Schwab is one of the most prominent people talking about this, but you can find a lot of the elite talking about it. This vaccine is a delivery mechanism for that agenda, which they hope to use to eventually reverse engineer the aging process in themselves. The supposed “pandemic” gave them the ability to organize the world around pouring billions into an mRNA delivery system.

I don’t know if the vaccine is harmful. But it is safe to say that Jews wouldn’t give other Jews a vaccine that they knew was harmful. So, either they’ve taken a different vaccine, or they don’t believe it is harmful.

What I do know is that they are rolling out a whole series of nonstop vaccines, which are going to go increasingly deep into genetic engineering. Bill Gates has talked a lot about needing research and development for vaccines that all overlaps with research and development for the various proposed life extension technologies.

There are all kinds of ways this could go, and they could absolutely start doing targeted experiments on the population. They could vaccinate everyone with an innocuous vaccine, as a way to get people used to taking vaccines, and then start targeted experimentation among specific populations. (It’s also possible that they are delivering different “batches” of vaccines to different populations now, but of course, there is no way to prove that, so it is useless speculation.)

This has actually happened before. During the The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male, the CDC spent 50 years studying black men whom they had injected with syphilis. Throughout the 50-year period, these men were told they were getting free health care, because they were “underprivileged.” That study ended in 1972, when it was exposed by a press leak.

It seems extremely unlikely this was the only time they did this. It also seems unlikely that they would have stopped doing it, “because of modern times.” Furthermore, the ideology of modern times means that they would be just as quick, if in fact not much quicker, to use whites as guinea pigs as they would be to use blacks as guinea pigs.

However, they would do that kind of an experiment on the entire population, of course. So it’s possible that while the vaccine will have allergic reactions, and maybe cause some autoimmune reactions, it is not any less safe than the flu vaccine, and it is simply intended to kick start this endless program of vaccinations.

I am not going to take this vaccine. There is no way in hell I’m going to take it. It is genetic engineering, and even if it is safe, I want nothing to do with it. Even if I thought the flu was dangerous, I would want nothing to do with it.

But the bottom line here is this: we have no idea what is going on. We are in Plato’s Cave here now. I can draw connections based on things we know to be fact, such as the relationship between vaccine research and life-extension technology, but ultimately, the fact that we are not allowed to have a public conversation about any of this means that we just simply do not know what is going on.